Photo Of The Day!! Is There Anything Wrong With This Policewoman Picture?

This is a picture of a Police officer eating with her uniform on, is there any with her actions?.

Drop your comments below.


Photo Of The Day!! Can You Spot What Is Wrong With This Picture? Please Do Not Scream

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  1. yes! It’s wrong. She’s supposed to respect her uniform by removing her cap while eating… That’s Her code of conduct…

  2. Is that woman not a human being like you that took this picture, don’t do that again it wrong for you to take of her she eating.

  3. There is nothing wrong with that. after all they are human beings not because they are police 👮 let me cut in a question can anybody forbid water.

  4. Pls don’t do that no body is perfect stop picture them there all woman been them have reit to eigt is not you’re problem mumu

  5. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with what I can see. Except you want to convince me otherwise that food is not good for the system. By the way, that they are on duty doesn’t mean they cant eat in the public as they are doing.

  6. U guys “bloggers” should mind your own business . you want them toblosw their uniforms again as you did for that inspector. Who drank on uniform

  7. The person who take this picture is one of the most educated illiterate I have ever seen in Nigeria, your education can never profit you in your life, nonentity human being.

  8. WTF is wrong with the picture, are u doing this for the views, who knows what’s next maybe you’ll ask me if it’s wrong to see an officer of the law driving her personal car, or may be some stupid ideas (how would you feel if you just saw this ridiculous post and the person in the picture is your mother ) #caption that.

  9. U that snap officer dedicating their natinational Service to all us and u didn’t value their services what did ur father n u dedicated to this great country nothing u kill ur him for rituals n end up poorverty photo graphed idiotic.

  10. If u are looking for a fool and a son of a pig, a career killer a no good blogger if u see d person that take this picture u have found him. U are just looking for a means for these people to b dismissed from their job, Mr blogger u are a police hater y don’t u go to sambisa n take pictures of Boko Haram, y don’t u go to villages n take pictures of people living in poor conditions n blog a them. Police hater go to d road n control traffic for one hour or go n arrest cultist that are terroring people, Idiot na God go punish u wit ur evil intentions by taking this picture for trying to remove food for their mouth,

  11. because the person who snip the traffic police women Eating must be a fool, how do you except these women stands for a very long time controlling traffic not eat even when they hid them selves, it’s because you don’t have respect and feeling’s for human beings.

  12. She suppose to remove her cap before eating… A uniform personal doesn’t eat wen there cap is on., even if you want to drink water u have to remove your cap firstly… I don’t think this woman is well trained

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