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Photo Of The Day!! President Buhari Caught On Camera Crosschecking His Wife’s Vote If She’s Voting For Him Or Atiku

This is the moment President Buhari was captured on camera crosschecking his Wife’s vote if she is voting for her or another candidate.


What do you think about this epic photo… See the video below;

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  1. he is always funny, if you check people around him is always laughing. guys vote the man that will kill corruption not a thief.

  2. Micah 7 vs 5.. trust no one, not even ur wife…. So ooo baba is on point… Beside a man enemies are the men of his house…

  3. Uhmmmn no one can be trusted, if Nuha in the scriptures can be denied by his child ,anything can happen. Pmb pls be sure ooo

  4. He is very doubtful of his own house hold casting their vote for him even if he losses the whole vote atleast he should be able to win his family member vote

  5. That’s an illegal act and should be sanctioned appropriately. How can president of Nigeria not trust his wife? People should stop supporting evil. The man and his wife involved in election malpractice. That’s just that. It was time for serious business not love-making. Shun any act of election malpractice.
    God bless Nigeria

  6. That’s is election malpractice. Law enforcement agencies should take note. It was time for choice making. If he didn’t deserve Aisha’s vote, it should be Aisha’s decision. Being a husband should not interfer with election due process.
    INEC should cancel their votes.

  7. It not funny at all. That was à very shameful and irresponsable act. Inec and law enfoncement agencies should take note. Atiku and Pdp all thé way. Juin

  8. Why do we read meanings to every issue, last interview conducted by kadaria Ahmed where she said let him talk, the social media go a wire for condemnation how he can’t even answer question except by oshinbajo. Not until recently the Lady cleared the air on a Lagos national radio that she was actually addressing the supporters for their interjections and not VP oshinbajo. The Holly books of the two major regions equally preaches against PRE EMPTING one. ( AS IT IS A SIN BEFORE GOD) Why do we waist so much energy on trivial issues as such when there are more important national issues to be treated. Even if it’s true what is my headache with such ? What if jokingly at home the have discussed such. Whoever God chosess is our Nigerians. Stop hitting up the polity.

  9. That’s it, because in life, never trust anyone no matter hw close u are to each other because even ur own shadow leaves u behind wen u least expect.
    Although, from d body language of Buhari, he is just being fondly with his wife. D perceived personal n public differences notwithstanding

  10. We Nigerians don’t need (NEXT LEVEL) it’s just a scammed and fakes, what we all need is a new government and for a new development team to be planned for our dear nation
    Atikulated all the way is what we want

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