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Photo Of The Day!! See This Photo Of A Lady That Is Causing Commotion Online [Bigger Than Bombay]

A lady is currently causing a huge commotion online after posting a photo with her gigantic backside, her back is surely bigger than Bombay.

Guys can you marry her?, and ladies do you wish to have a backside as big as this?

Drop your comments below.

Written by dare

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  1. That is a lot off booty,wer a man gone take all that?
    Shawty luk gud bah damnnnnnn that’s a lot of xxxxxxxxxxxss

    • That’s artificial not natural men can you not see ? I really wonder why would someone go that far in order to seduce men where is her self respect in that

  2. Na wah nor be smallthing una dey do. If she be legit.the girl Na blast. If u nor understand wetin I write ask any warri boy

  3. It doesn’t make any since,bcs if she were to be my girl ,how will l stroll with her?we will be attracting all manner of attentions. You cannot have a normal body with extra rubbish.

  4. This is not possible, she shouldn’t be able to wear such trouser if it were real. And even of it has become awkward not cute anymore biko…

  5. I can’t marry this one o because this one go kill man with too much spending ahh gbese NLA na I’m be this one o

  6. I’m a prof Dr Martin’s oncologist in Ghana I really like her but this one has side effects 3 years time. Ladies should take care.God bless you all.

  7. I can never like this, by the way how was she able to put on the trouser? I don’t understand the waist is way too small for the a**s

  8. That is a pumped booty and that is rubbish, that is not natural so men keep your eye open not every thing you see you like some are evil spirits sent to destroy your home

  9. I am still trying to imagine how the trousers of about 34 inch waist was able to pass through those hips of no less than 75 inc. It must have been a real struggle for her. Some near me viewing the picture just said, “how the trousers take enter?”

  10. The problem with most lady of today generation is that they don’t know that a man that wants to be your husband can’t be permanent in life because of your butts or because of your big breast, rather it’s only when you proof to him that you can be a good wife to him and a good mother to the children.

  11. Now God will give me a God – fearing, bustier, and bootier beautiful girl that I will always love her, marry her and be with her forever and live happily with her ever after

  12. How on earth did the trouser pass through the waist, am still thinking 🤔🤔 and stearing 😳😳at the picture…..

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