Photos: Mobile Phone Explodes And Injures Nigerian Man On Top Of A Bike…And It is a Samsung…


While there have been reports of the just released Samsung Galaxy Note 7, exploding in other parts of the world, a Nigerian Samsung user has claimed he experienced the same traumatic explosion from his device.

According to Uju Patricia who shared the photos, the man in the photos was on top of a bike when his alleged Samsung Note 3, (a minor of the Note 7 which was released years before it) exploded, caught fire and injured him like this.

Uju is claiming the device that exploded is a Samsung Note 3. But it looks like a counterfeit.

More photos below:



note-3-explosion3 samsung-galaxy-note-3-backcover

This is what the back of an Original Samsung Note 3 looks like (Take note of where the camera is)


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