photos: This Beautiful Young Girl Is Being Shamed Because of Her Stretch Marks | BUT SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!

People have been talking smack about this photo (left) because of the obvious stretch marks. The photographer who shared the photo on Instagram responded by writing: “I don’t care about a lot of people, too much work, to make it work” What do you think? See more photos of the young beautiful model named Gotlhe Kgosi from Botswana …

Gotlhe Kgosi






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38 thoughts on “photos: This Beautiful Young Girl Is Being Shamed Because of Her Stretch Marks | BUT SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!”

  1. Vanessa says:

    What stretch mark cos I don’t see any

    1. Gentle says:

      Am high, so I cnt c ani tin wrng

      1. Vanessa says:

        You haven’t even seen her and you want to marry her

      2. Imonitie says:

        Check the nude pic dude.especially the waist region

      3. Hon.great says:

        bros Wetin u drink?

    2. moyo says:

      The strech mark is there ooo but the girl is very fine

    3. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

      Look at d upper part of her laps, its there nw and close to her armpit

    4. Hon.great says:

      how can u say that look the pic well na

    5. Hon.great says:

      I saw plenty so I no knw which picture u check

  2. Gentle says:

    Fine gel nO stretch mark

    1. moyo says:

      D stretch mark is there but not too glaring

    2. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

      She has stretch marks now, can you see it or is ur fone white/black

      1. Hon.great says:

        I wonder ooo

    3. Imonitie says:

      She is just okay frm here may be if we were closer to the pic we would have seen a mark

  3. sunkanmi says:

    better dan nicki minaj booty tho


    1. Vanessa says:

      We are slowly beginning to copy their lifestyle showing off our asses on social media

    2. Hon.great says:

      how is dat girl botty better dan niki own forget say niki own na fake e better pass this babe own abeg

  4. Imonitie says:

    I actually see no stretch marks

    1. Vanessa says:

      Maybe its the one on her ass they are talking about

  5. monica says:

    Hw can we know if she didn’t uncover her body. Put moderate cloth won’t av caused shame for her….well she is beautiful and sexy

    1. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

      Abi ooo, I wonder. E even be like say cloth dey bitte dese girls of nowadays for body

    2. moyo says:

      She super sexy and hot, me I no mind d marks jare

    3. Imonitie says:

      But it all depend on where she got the marks tho

    4. Hon.great says:

      she open ur own join? it’s her life leave her jare

  6. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

    Chai and d babe fine, she hot and she get mad physique ooo. But the stretch marks aint that bad really

    1. monica says:

      Is not bad at all keep on doing wat u do bestbest jor

    2. Hon.great says:

      Hmmm be lyk say u don dey trip for d girl already ooo

  7. moyo says:

    Wow…… The girl is soo bodily, her stature is just too woooow, 4get stretch marks jare, shey na disease?

    1. Imonitie says:

      Just knw that Pple will never stop the talk about her

      1. monica says:

        If you are not talked about how can u shine?

        1. Hon.great says:

          na the talk na make use hear abt d girl na b4 u knw she don turn star

    2. Hon.great says:

      I tire ooo na 2day we dey see strecth mark for person body d way dey take talk am e come be lyk say strecth mark na deformity

  8. Imonitie says:

    What a beautiful babe….just 4get bout what pple are saying

    1. monica says:

      Its not wat pple thinks is wat u think DAT matters

      1. Imonitie says:

        Thats true pple like to bring you down by condeming someone

    2. Hon.great says:

      ppl must talk dats life for you

  9. Hon.great says:

    even on low cut d babe still make sense I dnt really care abt d strecth mark

  10. Sam Ade Jr says:

    She is beautiful. Can i know her name

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