Please Advice: I Met My Wife as a Prostitute, Now She Demands for Money Every Time We Have Secx – Man Cries Out

A man has told a rather weird story about his wife’s unbelievable thirst for money and how she asks for it.

The man shared his story on social media explaining that his wife always asks for some money each time they are about to have s*x.

According to him, she calls the money “maintenance fee”.

Below is how he told the story:

money before (2)

money before


Once Upon A Time...

3 Responses

  1. Optimistic says:

    Were you blindfolded when you met her, you know her profession, and you agreed your marriage should be for better for worse. Endurance is the key word.

  2. Vichaz says:

    Just give her anything she want,
    If u don’t divorce as u’ve saidm

  3. Mccoy rex says:

    U knw waht wen u get ur salary qiv er half 4 the whole month n sleep with till ur tired den leave er alone if itz not meant to be itvwon’t work out no matter waht u do u will jez b wastin ur tym

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