President Trump Shares Photo-Shopped Photo Of Himself Dressed As A BOXER… Over His Impeachment Saga

President Trump shared on his verified Instagram page. With the impeachment hearings picking up momentum, guess he’s ready to ‘knock out’ his political ‘enemies’.


Once Upon A Time... ?


  1. @bisola Reply

    A whole president of the most powerful country in the world! Wow! Americans must try to adjust to this comical very unpresidential displays of D Trump. Trump will make a very good African president. His ways are so like African leaders who don’t ever want to be questioned about their conducts. How could he even say that he can shoot someone dead and get away with it. American politicians now behaving like African politicians that call white, black.

  2. @tolex Reply

    This ma is so courageous that picture is used stylistically and CMDA computer Mediated Discourse Analysis, all of that is just to show he is not afraid of what’s been thrown at him, though they want to impeach him, he’s got a strong mind and courageous as well, wilder on this one

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