P’SQUARE IS BACK!! Paul Okoye Sends ‘OLIVE BRANCH’ To His Twin Brother, Peter In An Amazing Birthday Post [Pictures]

A recent  Instagram post by Paul Okoye to celebrate his Twin Brother’s Son, Cameron Okoye shows that hope is not all lost about a possible reunion of the biggest Musical duo in Africa.

The post came as a surprise to many as people thought they are sworn enemies, but his kind gesture shows that their ‘beef’ is limited to their personal ego and not extended to their family.

See his post below;

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  1. I can’t stopped missing my one and only Twain’s warriors….Twain’s singers… Twain’s dancer’s ahh………….I am IFY DE ORACLE… A Nigerian Gospel artist in rivers state

  2. Pls be back together as u were before, give those type of music u do give like, special man, The game is over etc. Just always happy whenever I hear your songs ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  3. I just the two brother to be back and stronger and more active than before the both of them as know what them have when the two forces come together it will be hot and lovely. Please Nigeria is waiting to see you guy come back together thank.

  4. Hmm, how I wish I can have way to talk to them they should come back together we missed them alot. Don’t know who would have do this, but I know one they will surely come back together forever.

  5. Please it should never be a surprise to the enemies who want separate,please bro I’m happy and it is my prayers all this while,I love you guys and please I also want your senior bro to be here too,one love bro

  6. I know it was temporary cos you were joined from the womb. Nigerian twins in diaspora we have been praying for you .love you twins

  7. You bosses lived and came out from the same womb, you are bound to Change the world, do not let the world change you, PSQUARE FOREVER MORE.

  8. It was a surprise to me, to head that twice brother of that level with their standard are not one again.
    Nice having you back again (P,square)…
    Peter & Paul them be one no be two!!!

  9. E no esay ahh ehh.ohoo e no esay to sing and dance people rejoice eeeeh e no esay … one luv broher. one luv for the family. U guy should been a brothers keeper not only for urself but for ur fans.. i abeg nah okay pls comeback ‘ll a good blues i luv u guys and ur family Amen

  10. If you like come together if you like don’t what I know is time wait for no man small time your guys will be old I believe many young musicians are coming out that will be better than your guys

  11. My boy,men who always made me happy,from no one like you,beauty onyinye to no body ugly please forget what has happened plan on good things in front of you we love you so much

  12. Whr dd Rudeboy n Mr P end ?,N whr had Psquare reached…nthg will become Fruitful without unity,….Am one of yo fans from Uganda,we really love u as one as Psquare..come together again plz coz we miss yo entertainment guyz….”Psquare Forever”

  13. This is best news ever ….ur songs re good individually, but it more better wen both of u do it together… We ur Fans miss seen u two together…
    I hope is step of u two getten back together

  14. Wow! I am the happiest person on the surface of the earth.God bless Psquare. Pls we need a reunion song that will break our hearts,correct collabo. I believe Psquare die.We missed u guys. Pls don’t forget to dedicate the song to ur fans. We love u.God bless this day.

  15. I will love to see you guys back together, coz it was shocking to see you dudes a part. Don’t always turned your back to your family in what ever situations. I love guys.

  16. Because of u guy’s I have been begging God to give me twins that I will name Peter n Paul.pls u guy’s should forget every thing that happened n come back together. One love P-square.

  17. Wow…. I can’t wait for the Good News…PSQUARE FOR LIFE….Divided u fall bt UNITED U BOTH WILL STAND N EXCEL MORE…Am one of ur biggest fans ..Am waiting for ur joint songs..b/c dey r MIND BLOWING

  18. I am ready to sacrifice myself for the reconciliation and reunion of Psquare..i can give up my life for Paul and peter to return back as one…Psquare i miss your songs reason best known to me…09033466974

  19. You two were destine to be one right from your mother’s womb,going seperate path can’t solved the issue of twins lovely/talented brother in Africa continent,you guys didn’t break the hearts of your lovely,but you too are killing us slowly for the separation,we knows that Rude boy and Mr P doesn’t exist and it will never be,bcos whoever they are today was started from Psquare the richest twins in the world of music industry,remember all d properties u guys are acquired today was generated from the platform of psquare so you two need to respect that SYMBOL (PSQUARE) not Rude boy and Mr P.

  20. Remember when you say…….as u see me and my brother ehh,no be say we do pass o,no be day we dance pass o,but e be like say na we dey bless pass……..Remember the title of this song DANGER,so you guys re really dangerous in music industry as TWINS please you two need to go back bcos i dont know RUDE BOY ANYMORE AND MR P.

  21. I need u guys back, together u are a storm that storm the world. I stop listening to your music,because to me it can never and will never be the same.

  22. I want to draw your attention to your songs, Psquare dey be one, not two…. So therefore you people are useless if you guys refused to come back as one. Since you have deviated I never hear your stupid songs anymore. A word is enough for a wise.

  23. No u people should stay apart, because u people have disappointed by breaking up in first place. Una no dey shame for that nasty act.

  24. It is rear to see full grown up twins doing what you guys are doing this family issue of a thing should not come btw you guys do u no what it means too b twins and how comfortable are you doing this

  25. after all I don’t blame them I blame that senseless human being who calls himself Jude…. u don’t deserve to be the elder brother of psquare

  26. Am happy to hear DAT Psquare are back 2geda…..Jude try n be a responsible elder bro ….don’t separate dem biko!

  27. Am so happy to hear that psquare are back 2geda…..welcome back is time for u guys to hit another track like nobody ugly

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