RACISM AT IT’S PEAK!!! Disturbing Photo Of BLACK PUPILS Allocated A Table Away From Their White Classmates In South Africa

The photo taken at Schweizer-Reneke Laerskool in South Africa shows three black pupil sitting alone on a table placed by the door and far away from their white classmates.

Written by awwal

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  1. There is nothing you will not see in south Africa.blacks killing their fellow not disturbed by seeing this jare.because I don’t even like the country.

  2. ” Hi to everyone of you, I expected more than this infant traumatise” let me ask you whom do you think that this children’s are: Are not The Britain. Can you check crossed it, all the countries Britain colonized till today. They are victims of British. But One day they will see to exist know more

  3. A lots of racial and tribal discrimination happened every where but in RSA this mostly happened I can remember when the black man of RSA started killing the other black nation living among them.including Nigerian’s

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