Read: Letter To My Unborn Son… You Must Play Football By Fire By Force! So Hilarious!!!

I Want to inform you to remember to choose football as a career and destiny… I was *WOWED* When I broke down
Carlos Tevez £615,000 weekly wage @ Shanghai Shenhua …*£32million per year* #19,200,000,000 (19.2Billion).*£615 per week* #369,000,000(369 million).*£88,000 per day* #52,800,000(52.8 million..£3,600 per hour*#2,160,000*£60 per minute* #36,000..*£1 per second* #600.
This means that if Carlos Tevez drops 500 naira on the floor, by the time he’s picked it up again, he would have earned a further 1,200 naira…I’m telling you this because I DEMAND that you ask Baba God to give you talent for sports (especially football or basketball). Don’t tell me you want to sing o, or be a blogger or an actor, I have always had this mind you are going to be a politician, but not anymore; with all the 8 years embezzlement of Fayose, is not even as rich as Carlos Tevez (yet, EFCC is waiting for him)Therefore, Come rain come shine, by fire by thunder, I WILL MAKE SURE YOU DO SPORTS!.I will not allow you watch any Nickelodeon or
Disney Channel – It’s Super Sports, ESPN,Sky Sports, Fox Sports etc. from the day you are born! I will enroll you in a sports academy before enrollingyouin any other yeye school.
The only video games I will let you play are
PES and FIFA. Just let this sink in..

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