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Remember The IMAM That Saved OVER 300 CHRISTIANS During PLATEAU KILLINGS?… He Has Finally Revealed How He Gambled With His Life For Saving Christians!!!

Abubakar Abdullahi, the Muslim cleric who hid over 300 people, mostly Christians, inside a mosque during the recent Plateau attack, says six of his children are adherents of the Christian faith.

Suspected herdsmen had attacked villages across three local government areas of the state, killing at least 100 persons. Abdullahi was said to have rendered assistance to the fleeing persons by offering a mosque in Nghar Yelwa, his village, as a place of refuge.

In an interview with The Punch, the 83-year-old Abdullahi said he gambled with his life to save the Christians from the attackers. He added that as long as he lives, he would continue to save lives.

Abdullahi said he was inspired to help the fleeing residents because of the relationship of Prophet Muhammad with people of different backgrounds.

“He preached to Christians, pagans and idol worshippers. He had a cordial and peaceful relationship with everybody regardless of their religion,” he said.

“One of my wives is from Berom ethnic nationality and six of my children are Christians. At present, I have only one wife; but before, I had three wives, two of them are dead. I’m now with only one wife. I have 20 children and many grandchildren.

“Most of the people who trooped into the mosque are Christians. I accommodated them inside the mosque. We gave them cover.

“I gambled with my life because there was every tendency for them to attack me. I was threatened, and my life was in danger, I even fell down because of the confusion. But because they saw that I am an old man, they left me and went elsewhere.”

Abdullahi, who hails from Misau local government area of Bauchi state, said he had never witnessed an attack as such in his life.

“I have never experienced such a terrible situation as this in my life. The recent ugly incident is unprecedented,” he said.

He urged everyone to embrace religious, ethnic tolerance and value for human lives.

“What you don’t like, don’t do it to other persons. Religion is between individuals and God. Nobody has any certificate to go to heaven. Nobody is licensed to take the life of another person,” the cleric said. We should learn to value human lives, don’t tamper with my life, I won’t tamper with your life. If you value human life, you won’t have the mind to kill somebody.

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  1. Sir, ur labour of luv wl nt go unnoticed by Throne of Grace, dis is an opportunity 4 u 2 gv ur life 2 Christ fully 2 enable u spend eternity with Him 4ever. God bless u.

  2. Imam sir you have shown true love & respect for God & humanity through your action of saving lives. You are a true man of God. May God reward & keep you safe always

  3. I pray that you will leave long n remained prosperous in whatsoever do baba (IMAM) God bless you with unmerited favour

  4. Sir, if only type of human beings like you live in this third planet, this world of ours should have been crime free. I really appreciate your efforts in saving lives because of the love you have for God and humanities. In fact, your name shall miss in the Book of life in the the kingdom of God in Christ Jesus’ name. Amen!

  5. Sir, if only types of Hunan beings like you live in this third planet, this world of ours should have been a crime free place. I really appreciate your efforts in saving lives because of the love you have for God and humanities. In fact, your name shall never miss in the Book of life in the heavenly kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

  6. One of the conentatirs us asking the inam to accept Jesus as saviour! Eelk no qualms I hate no Christian and certainly not Jesus The imam saved lives and all sane people appreciate him. But this is no place to beckon on him to become a christian, as if being a moslem, an imam and @ 83years, he doesn’t know what he is doing by remaining a moslem.Such comments attract the ire of Muslims. Please Christians, your religions unto you and we Moslems, our religions unto us.

  7. Surely IMAM has shown the actual teaching of Islam that is showing love to everyone irrespective of religion, we Muslims are valuing human lives and we believe in maintaining cordial relationships with whoever we live together remain the best way to live.

  8. Anonymous,
    Don’t be blind folded with what people are saying or the propagation news from western world most especially from USA bcos this people are out to nail nd condemned Islam and unfortunately some inknowledgeable Muslims as been brainwash and use them to tannish their faith, simply bcos they don’t have the deep knowledge of their so called faith. Prophet Muhammed S a w, said that to practice Islam correctly and perfectly the way Allah as sent me to, u must first seek and have full knowledge of Islam. and bible also confirm ir, that my people perished bcos they lack knowledge. What am trying to say is that, if u see or come across any true knowledgeable and well grounded Muslim, u need not to be told this is a true nd righteous Muslim bcos all over his/her body will be cool, gentle, appealing nd attractive. U will surely sense it, feel it nd be attractive bcos saint nd wolds coming out from will overwhelming you completely nd to talk of their actions. Current Islam is been face with a lot of challenge both internal & external, I mean withing we the muslims not (Islam itself) bcos Islam is a complete religion no ambiguity about that, but it is we the Muslims that we need to look nd check ourselves. And I can tell you Christianity as once been faced with similar challenge before, if you doubt me u can ask your eaderly Christian’s they will tell you. And Christian overcome it, so surely Islam too will overcome ours too, its just a matter time. So don’t think you are on the right path. It is you that need to change to Islam bcos Islam as a religion forbid killings and every evil act you can think off, people are only doing or showing their wicked act by using Islam name nd unkowning condemned Islam.

  9. May God bless you sir, you deserve national honor, you are a good example of a kind-religious tolerated person. You show Muslim as a religion of peace,thank you.

  10. In as much am a Christian what this (Papa) did is beyond religious sentiment. Papa ur good work shall be remembered in generation to come, u live a mark that can never be forgotten.

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