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Secret Message From Bobrisky To Tonto Dikeh Leaks Online [Read Content Here]

Bobrisky reaches out to Tonto Dikeh

Message From Bobrisky To Tonto Dikeh

Self acclaimed Nigeria’s male barbie doll, Bobrisky, has reached out to his bosom friend, Bobrisky who has been draging her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle, since last night. Bobrisky asked the mum of one to continue to ignore haters attacking her.

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  1. Their relationship is increasingly looking so suspicious. I hope bobrisky have not started banging Tonto Dike already which might be making their closeness more tighter than ever.

  2. If Tonto , is having a serious relationship with bobrisky , very bad. Who is bobrisky where Tonto is? What exemplary life do you show to that your little son tomorrow, a mother who follows a cross dresser? when your fellow woman are being appointed in Government offices, your busy following bobrisky. Why Tonto ? I like seeing you with people that matters in the society. Not bobrisky. Can’t you sitdown and think for once? I thought you’re educated? A petroleum Engineer ? Tonto, you’re a woman i love, also look up to !!!, each time I watched you being interviewed , with your educational background, I picks courage in my school career, because am studying exactly the same course like your’s. Am one of your fanc, seriously am not happy, seeing you with bobrisky ooooh, you’re a mother! Please is good you think.

    • I read what you wrote.. It’s really nice.. It will be lovely if you can type something like this on her page and tag her.. Good luck

  3. See it doesn’t matter who she is following but let me tell you something don’t judge people may they are just good friends that are getting along very well please leave them don’t know what she is passing through please leave her for me oooo

  4. I love the way u encourage her and also advice her
    That’s what a good friend dose
    Tonto u are lucky to have a friend like that 😍😍😍😍😍

  5. I always love Tonto Dike…. but be careful with people especially those calling themselves ur friend.Love you

  6. Tonto anyway I just want you to know that marriage is for better for wose Pls just go back to your marriage home because son can not be alone he needs a girl to be called sister, think about that thank you, I love you

  7. Tonto is one of my biggest fans, infact she’s my role model. that she’s getting along with bobrisky does not matter in any way and not bad. What matters is what she thinks about herself.

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