Hilarious List: 12 Sentences A Nigerian Woman Never Want To Hear

Some sentences just have the ability to instantly change your mood.

Sometimes, when you’re having a normal conversation, some of these sentences pop up and instantly ruin everything. It can be really annoying, especially when you’re in a good mood and these sentences just come from nowhere. Here are some of the annoying sentences we think Nigerian women don’t like hearing.

1. ‘I can explain’

When you hear this you just know you’re getting a barrage of lies thrown at you.

2. ‘It’s the devil’

Pretty sure the devil is tired of being blamed all the time.

3. ‘I am broke’

It’s not like you’re entitled to anybody’s money, but it’s annoying to hear this especially when you know the person is lying.

4. ‘She’s just a friend’

When they say this, just carry your load and be going.

5. ‘Food has finished’

6. ‘Are you a virgin’

7. ‘I don’t cheat’

Na so.

8. ‘Can we be friends again?’

This one is really annoying, especially when it’s coming from an ex that really messed up.

9. ‘You’ve added weight o’

And so?

10. ‘I love you, but…’

But what o?!

11. ‘Why are you single?’

12. ‘When will you marry?’


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