See Leaked Video Of Bobrisky’s Rotten Yansh After Surgery Gone Wrong… Grab Your Popcorn, Full Gist Inside!

All isn’t well as a breeze in-form of popular Instagram vawulence headquarters, Gistlover blew and opened the infected yansh of a popular cross-dresser, Bobrisky!

Nigeria’s popular big girl, Bobrisky had gotten into a social media war with the very anonymous blogger, Gistlover, it all started after Bobrisky was shading his ex-bestie, Tonto Dikeh, while she was savoring ‘breakfast’.

Almost everyone on the gram was blasting Bobrisky for that kind of move against his ex-bestie, it didn’t settle with Gistlover too as they went ahead to leak voice notes of Bobrisky talking bad about people he called friends and influenced for, Gistlover started advising people not to use Bobrisky as their influencer because he is a scam and not a good person.

Trust Bobrisky not to have any chills on issues like this as he fired back at Gistlovers asking people to sit back and watch the drama unfold, but it is safe to say this isn’t a bone that Bobrisky should have chosen to bite. He went ahead to leak Gistlover’s alleged WhatsApp number, and according to the vawulence headquarters account handler that wasn’t a number that mattered because he knew Bobrisky and what He can do.

Bobrisky leaked Gistlover’s phone number to haunt him.

Gistlover returned Bobrisky’s favor by also dropping his WhatsApp number and urging his loyal followers to go hit Bobriky up, now this isn’t a very nice situation as they called his number to the extent that he had to put his phone on airplane mode, resulting in them to also message him on WhatsApp and adding him to different WhatsApp groups, some even made him group admin lol, as in shey this wahala no come too much!

Ever since then Gistlover and Bobrisky have been dragging themselves for fun on the Gram, And secrets has been flying left, right, front and center. Bobrisky was feeling himself and saying Gistlover was posting him more than 5 times in a week in other to trend. Gistlover also exposed Bobrisky of borrowing 20 million Naira from a lady to celebrate his last luxury birthday party amongst other fake lifestyles, down to Bob’s family situation.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Gistlover leaked a video of Bobrisky’s infected yansh with proof of another video of Bobrisky in the same Jalamia and his Gucci bedsheet; see pictures and watch video below;


Gistlover furthermore, shared a recorded voice call of Bobrisky shouting and threatening to inflict injuries on the lady who had sent that video to Gistlover, at the top of his voice, he claimed that she was the only one who he had sent that video to confirm that he truly was the one in the video [Hit play to listen below.]

He claimed the reason he was so sure she was the one was the source of the video leak was that she was the only person who he had sent it to and that was because she was the one who introduced him to the hospital where he got the yansh surgery which later gone wrong.

Remember, Bobrisky and flaunted his new body figure in photos right after the procedure [Click the link to see photo? Well, good thing he had the shoot done for keepsakes purpose because it seems that was the last time our rich aunty saw her booty that clean.

And that is because infection raided the whole thing and left her depressed and the yansh in such a state that would make one’s eyes sour and belly turn at the sight.

Gistlover obviously didn’t come in peace as they always claim! No no no no he is constantly pouring salt to the wound living up to their name vawulence headquarters.

Let the people close to Bobrisky try to reach out to him at all times cause this is a really trying time for him.

I come in Peace… This gist is first seen on Gistlover’s Page.


  1. Abutu David Reply

    Come make una stop dey put eye for person business and you bobrisky your play don dey too much which 1 be say you dey go yansh surgery Sha god way don creat you no like you as you dey? forget d fact say you dey hosul dey find your Daly bread abi you no no say some people no fit do am?y you won go kill your slif? look broder dey act we like it but please don’t hot your slif say you won do any surgery to please us thank you.

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