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See “Marriage List” Given To A Groom By The Bride’s Family

This photo of a “Marriage List” Given To A Groom By The Bride’s Family has been trending for obvious reasons since it surfaced online.

Which Nigerian man will want to marry from this Ezekiel family?

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  1. There is nothing wrong with that… That’s what we do in Africa n t differs according to tradition. I’m from Zimbabwe and my husband had to buy cattle, he paid for my bride price bought groceries as part of the bride price… He planned the wedding alone, he paid for everything. That is what we do in our culture. If the bride decides to help with the wedding… That will be her choice she is nt bound to do that. Mind you I was not even working at that tym n I still have no job ryt nw tho I’m a graduate. Real man don’t complain… If he can’t do wat his in-laws ask of him he should let those who can marry tht girl. You are a disgrace brother

    • Do you really know what you are talking g about..
      Don’t tell me your parent sold you out to your husband..

      After all marriage is not force…I can choose not to Mary than buy a human being and go hungry..

    • My advice to ladies is that, whenever your male partner or husband to be goes for your marriage list from your parents. You’ve the chance to also glance through it before you make your partner go ahead to purchase them. You’re the only one who knows the strength of your partner, therefore, you can eliminate some of the items from the list to suit your husband to be’s pocket. Remind you, if you go ahead to allow your husband to be to purchase these long marriage list, remember he has bought you in a huge price and he can misuse you in his own taste/choice.
      Moreover, your parents wouldn’t be there whenever you enter issues with your husband to be. Therefore, you’ve to learn and to control your own marriage crisis! I’ve a lot say, but I’ll end here for another time. For more information, email me to those who cares: [email protected]

  2. My question to the girl father is this, did he pay the same thing whn he wanted to marry his wife I mean the girl mother? if he can answer the question then I hv no problem with the items in the list

  3. OK,assuming I came out of that family, I would always ask for female child……… That family knows better about business strategy. I fear oooooooooooooo………………!

  4. Nowadays women 👭 are independent as such we can’t be sure that the marriage will last
    . Just imagine the lady in question deciding to end the relationship and the father struggling to pay back the money . I think these we should worry more about whether they will have a harmonious relationship, after all the marriage is for two individuals .

  5. Very stupid and greedy family. I think DAT family are from IMO state. Dats y if u travel t IMO state u will see many many ladies without marriages cuz of their perents and elders selfish intrest

  6. I don’t have any issue with the list bcuz i will use d girl fr ritual after the marriage!!!!!!!!!!!! Some family are just heartless

  7. that family is very poor, so this is dear only chance of getting something…….. nonsense. left with me i will take the list go back home and write mine and give to the family 1. five Range Rover spot 2016 model. 2. 30 echar’s of land.3. All the youth’s in my village will have keke napep each. 4.two g wagon Mercedes for my dad. 5. then scholarship for all my siblings.

  8. Sweet tradition, IMO people no go kill their children with greediness, though wetin concerns me even if they reduce it to nothing I will not marry from there.kpom

  9. This is just a joke, how on earth can a living human being request for such on ur duather, anyway we all have different culture but this one bad gon nii ooo

  10. Allah knows the best. Because, that family doesn’t want their daughter to marry.
    Please, TB JOSHUA needs to visit that village to deliver them

  11. Please to me I will fulfil althese but on this conditions 1,the parents will only once after the marriage visit there daughter once in there life time. 2,the girl will sign a written agreement to deliver fourteen girls and six boys for then the marriage will held after her parents have signed my agreed terms then no problem let there list reachs me they should consider the marriage a done deal. Note they omitted one thing I did not see them demand for a ladies motorcycle both for the mother and the grand mother or may be I did not see the list well but altogether no ploblem I will do it again the parent should invite the following peoples daughters as flower girls1, Obama’ daughter 2, Donald trump’s daughter 3,Micheal Jackson’daughter, 4, Pele the great foot baler’s daughter 5,all the eastern states govevernos daughter’s and the they will invite the guest of honour in the person of thath Igbo man that can spell all names well dede nne while the m/c will be fela anikula pokuti if after they fulfil these conditions then then our honeymoon will be after completion of second Niger bridge.

  12. Som people can be funny in d internet daz only a joke l no. no living family give such a list to a fellow human been. And does of u DAT are talking about lmo state be kia full. We are not poor.

  13. May God help us, marriage is not by force if you can not abide to the rule of that family, those that seek for their daughter to marry they know the reason why they go to that family. If God bless me with money and hope my eye to see my choice in that family, I can spend more than their request! Conclusion; some family that coordinate the similar habit of that subject that were talking about, they should think about of their daughter well being first after wedding, before they can collect all these type of thing!

  14. Do you really know what you are talking g about..
    Don’t tell me your parent sold you out to your husband..

    After all marriage is not force…I can choose not to Mary than buy a human being and go hungry..

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