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Senate Committee Approves 30k As New Minimum Wage And 75k As Penalty For Non Compliance – Shehu Sani

Senate Committee Approves 30k As New Minimum Wage And 75k As Penalty For Non Compliance – Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani has just confirmed that the ‘senate Committee on New National Minimum wage met yesterday and approved the new national minimum wage bill;30k as minimum wage and 75k as penalty for non compliance’.

See tweet below;

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  1. Pls should be implemented and commenced immediately because the price of things in the market now is too high, i pray the government should look into exchange rate i.e naira value to dollar

  2. Senate can use 4years to approved ordinary 30k for worker but to approved their own 36million salary very easy Nigeria hmmmmn inside life

  3. Nigeria workers will be if quickly pass into law. We have been been in pain for the a very long time, I know time will come when God will remember us, I can perceived the sign from our national assembly.

  4. Please our senators we are the people that vote you into office but why are you not approving our own demand as you all know that for country is well blessed but because of 30k you are teking us 4month before aproval why don’t worry we will still weating for you in 2023 in Sha ALLAHU YOU have see what happen to saraki it will be a lesson to you!

  5. Some governors may not pay, and nothing happens to them, there are workers that are collecting 10,000 as monthly salary in borno, and zamfara yet nothing happens to them.

  6. I will be happy if they senate will also look into the issue of price control because this 30k will be of no value if the prices of goods and services will raise simply because of the new minimum wage. It’s mean the workers are back to square one. Government should enforce price control that’s what we need morethan the 30k

  7. The thing no make sense. U are collecting 36m and u are westing our time just because if 30k as minimum wage. What’s good on it, if u approved it. If u like don’t pay and we must survive weather u need it or not.

  8. I will appreciates God if it can implement soon ,also they should look into the issues prices control without price control the money is noting God bless

  9. Is not about passing into law, is implementation. We know what happened to Nigerian peace corp. So, implement this 1 as soon as possible.

  10. Guys guess u people aren’t blaming the law-makers, bcox this problem is from the grassroots. Believe me u all if today the masses wl stand firm and say no to this ill-treatment by the so call government of the day and protest regorously and vehemently regarding to the huge amount and allowances being earn by this said law makers to some extent, by now i believe something mst’ve been done about it. check it by the time their salary is been slashed dwn, 20 to 30% of unemployed youths as a graduate wl benefit from it if been employed elsewhr. Buh if today this protest is to be staged, no one wld want to comply. Buh today everyone is complaining of what the law-makers are earning. No one is going to get this country fixed for us except we from the grassroots and the teaming youths at larg with good intention. GOD-BLESSED-NIGERIA

  11. Good you have done well our humble senators but unfortunately there is some issues you didn’t look into it,about gratuity,pension and promotion benefit there are some state especially borno state they still not settle about these issues in spite they collected Paris club fund up to now they did not settle plz look into it.we beg Mr ayuba wabba.

  12. thanks our respected senators if you implement this thing our prayers will be with you day by day you will be successful in your lfy

  13. I wish to utilize this beautiful day time to appreciate my happiness and prayars to our responsible sanator for approving the motion of new national minimum wage for government workers.

  14. The implementation is old school workers are suffering they should in urgency implement without delay besides the 75k non compliance is outrageous it’s no law and will be non compliance

  15. In as much as I am a loyal Nigerian who believes in the course of genuine nationality,I will not hesitate at the same time, in describing our leaders as disgruntled confusionists while National Assembly is a theatre of absurdity.

    Minimum wage agenda has been trending for couple of months before the presidential election. Sometimes, we heard of 27k and now it is 30k. Why was it so long for our leaders to reach quickconclusion on issues that bother on the general well being of the populace?

    To worsen the case !!! How do we trust this new development from the senators? When does it come alive? What step shall president take if some Governor’s refuse to pay? It is a total insult to Nigerians when we still drag on and on one thousand naira per day for a worker who uses his active age to serve government without complementary pay.

    Even,at that 30k,it is seen as a take home which can not take anyone to the bus stop. Why civil servants are nothing to our government? Let his life change for better, he will be called upon to explain source of his income !!! A man that government never bothered to investigate why he is poor.

    We need to open our eyes wide and take decision that will give financial emancipation in this country. Our lives must be better because we deserve to live better as Nigerians. Many of these Leaders are our enemies

  16. please create more employment for the unemployed youths so that we can also benefit from it. May the almighty God continue to bless and give our leaders good ideas to move our country forward.

  17. Nice, we expect to see quick implementation, and let there be price control, kudus to PMB and to all the stakeholders involved.

  18. It’s a good development,I pray that pension and gratuity be reviewed to enable workers cope up with retirement .

  19. This is story of the gods,
    let them implement it first. We are not happy, a read civil servant receive pinnut why senator millions u expect us to praise u talk another thing.

  20. We are much blessed to heard this from you distinguishes but my question is how about those NPOWER beneficiaries is their allowance be increased to 50k?
    Best regards.

  21. I will not say that the law maker s have tried because this will only be effective for the so called federal workers where as we all attend ed the same Nigerian school ,buys from the same market , pay the electric bill per unit .Yet the federal worker enjoy s NHIS national health insurance schame while the state worker don’t ..PLEASE .OUR LAW MAKER S REDUCE YOUR SALARY BY AT LEAST 20% ..(2) REMOVE THE DISCRIPANCY B/W THE FEDERAL AND STATE WORKERS (3)Try control inflation thanks

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