SHAMEFUL ACT!! Pastor Caught Sleeping With Married CHURCH MEMBER In BUSH [Watch Video]

A Zimbabwean pastor known as Joseph Ponda of AFM Church, Tynwald in Dzivarasekwa was recently caught in the bush sleeping with a member of his assembly who happens to be a married woman.

According to a report by H-metro reports, the pastor was allegedly descended upon by passersby who attacked him after he was caught pants down with his member. According to a source, the woman is a single parent who also lives in Dzivarasekwa just like her pastor.

“I have seen the pastor with the woman, whom he was caught with several times in his vehicle. The woman is a single parent and also stays here in Dzivarasekwa.

I never suspected that there was something going on between them until I saw the video. I had the opportunity to see him after the incident and he was in serious pain from the assault”

Contacted for comment, Ponda who could not deny or confirm the allegations, however, said:

“I have a lot to say about what happened and I can not tell you over the phone. I will be free in two hours.”


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  2. That how the devil is ruling the church leaders of today, let him wait for the judgement from God because he has done the contrary of it

  3. The bibles for warns us to be very careful in these last days,for many will wud wear white garments pretending to be men of God,bt they are woovs inside….en they b known by their fruits.

  4. This story doesn’t make sense….
    Even though…Pastors are human beings like each one of us.woman should stop dressing like fools in front of pastors. Mini skirts and trousers also tight dresses that shows the whole body.prostitutes in churches

  5. Pastor is pastor he have fall the tryer that come his way
    He is full of worldly things that he can not control him self
    Even doo girls dress with mini skirt’s if he is full of GOD glory he can control him self even preach to the girl’s to stop what their are doing that is not good but is the flesh that control him that he can not refuse things of the world
    Mey GOD help him

  6. It’s amazing how women are left out in these situations as if they are brain washed or something,even her she is a married woman of God,she is equally guilty.

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