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SHOCKING!! Covenant University Student Declared Missing Was Actually Meeting Her Boyfriend In Ibadan For D!CK [See Gist]

A story of a Covenant University student who faked her kidnap so she can go to Ibadan to meet her boyfriend has put the social media on standstill this morning.

To make matters worse, all the while she was with her boyfriend, he was one of those tweeting for people to help find her.

The lady named Damilola went from Lagos to Ibadan to see a Mark Ikotun. Friends and family feared she had been kidnapped and they issued a missing person alert. The boyfriend she was with also led the search for her on social media and was begging for her return.

She later returned claiming she had been kidnapped and raped, causing her friends and family distress.

But it was later discovered that she staged her kidnap with her boyfriend. Now, her friends are calling her out on social media.

See the tweet and some reactions below;

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  1. It’s a very nice time to get back to you soon and I will advise you to get back to tour and study to further your education rather than wasting your time on such things..

  2. that is why i don’t like to believe all these online lost and found news. they will be at somewhere enjoying life and all of them on twitter will be disturbing our timeline about person wey lost. thank God for your life. hope you enjoy the dck

  3. covenant university student again??????? i think these girls are just corrupt because they don’t have the freedom. let them be free abeg

    • The rules in covenant university are simply CHRISTIAN rules for normal CHRISTIAN living, a rule that any responsible parents must applied In any CHRISTIAN home where they understand their responsibility to God over God’s children in their cares. And rule is made known to them and their parents before they came in. Parents continue to patronize CU both because of this rules and high standard of Education….We can allow everything to get corrupt and destroy, godliness must be preserved for those who desired God inspire of the end-time prevalent evils.. CU ride whatever anybody same… U are representing God.

    • Good observation,
      Really this is the End time that is why all this Distressed things are happening,
      May Allah save us

  4. I pity her , the day she will be missing for real or the day the guy will use her for ritual …her friends will think she planned it again , and by that time nobody will cry out for her

  5. Hmmmm… na waooo… people have the opportunity of going to school and they are misusing it why so many out there.. are looking for such opportunity…. God pls help us mostly we girls

  6. Thank God you came back safely but my dear, don’t ever try such again, many have died because of the mission involves in a journey like yours. God forbid, if u had accident on the road and died, what will u tell your God???? Please daddy, mum and the entire family of Damilola, please forgive her.

  7. No no waiting God create put dere wey carry en own mind,sweet pass anything on Earth.. Mi dear boyfriend otu(pussy)get teeth..

  8. Dami is now a disgraced to all NNSS OJO 34th set. Chai I was sad to get the news that she was missing not knowing she went for a dick appointment and me I’ll be thinking she was a good a girl in secondary school

  9. What a bad omen! So, she lied to have been missing whereas she went to her new boy friend’s house to collect dick. I pity her because she may end up in fiasco.

  10. So d fine grl didn’t see all dose handsome dicksons around lag? She has 2 go as far as faking her kidnap 2 go see 1 small ugly dickson. OMG!!!

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