SHOCKING!!! Husband Leaked CHAT CONVERSATION Of His PREGNANT WIFE… Who Was Planning To Go SLEEP With A Man Because Of iPhone XS [Screenshots]

Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin shared these screenshots and emails one of his readers sent to him narrating how he found out his pregnant wife was planning to go see a man at a hotel after he promised to buy her an iPhone Xs.

In their conversation, the man also sent her his d**k pic. See the screenshots below;

Written by GQ!

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  1. Hmm! Bro this is really bad though. Honestly, the height of infidelity in the society now is nothing to write home about.
    Seriously pray God to assist you in this moment of trial so you wouldn’t take the wrong decision that you may regret. I am really putting myself in your shoes to know the best thing to do, but still I haven’t been able to conclude on anything. Please DONT lay your hands on her because that is her highest expectancy from you (clearing her doubt). Try and run a DNA test on the baby when she delivers and also know her health status before meeting her again.
    Finally, I think the parents should know about this and if possible all your in-laws so she will be ashamed of herself in the presence of her people and never to try it again if she’s sensible.
    I think you should play mute. Eat less of her food, talk less to her, give her quiet attitude for sometime that’s the best way to handle them without regrets. Be smart Bro. May God help her realize her unerasable mistake so as to take corrections and never to go back to the useless man after another man’s wife. NB: Mind you bro, that man is not the only man she does that kind of thing with.

  2. This is heart breaking… What does the future holds in marriage? Sexual sins in marriage is on the increase. May God help us.

  3. What is that stupid womanizer going to show off? Is it his dirty money or his ugly ointment-induced donkey-like penis? Shameless disbeliever ! If not because of the fear of God who doesn’t know how to acquire a big penis…….my anger is triggered by this but my brother, seek God’s intervention in this.
    All the best!!!

  4. It’s really sad. You can’t actually in magine what women want in this life. They are full of materialistic and uses the social media to be cheating behind their husbands anyhow. All the same the man should try and control himself.

  5. Now I know why social media will take many people to hell… The fear of the Lord is the Beginning of the wisdom, unfortunately many marriages/relationships this days have fallen apart due to fb,whatsapp,insta etc

  6. Bad and evil acts always come out for the innocence to brother Free that woman to that boyfriend of hers.pain goes.wounds heal with time.
    A woman who breaks a home that way never live a good life.thats a fact of life.
    Laying a hand on her wont change or reverse her acts.
    Do DNAs the child could be yours.never make yo blood suffer.God will give you guidance

  7. She has given u the right to question paternity. That must be cleared else the thought of probably taking care of another mans child will send u to early grave. Please vist an expert.
    Dear married men, if your wife has a password to her phone that you don’t know or deleting he messages , wake up that is the smoke before the fire.

  8. Its just horrible! It just shows the depraved state of the human heart today, the act of having a consecrated home out of love is rare nowadays..

  9. Keep the baby, get rid of her…she has nothing to offer you, other than that, best of luck, always remember, plenty fish in Sea/lake

  10. Lol….. really funny, but sad!
    How could a pregnant mum do this??
    Some women are wicked anyway……..
    The man should relax, tho it hurts.

  11. U can quietly quit her leaving her at the mercy of her new found love and move forward with ur life. Don’t retaliate nor seek vengeance.

  12. Hmmmmm so touching bro I feel your pain. some month back the girl am about to marry just did same thing to me she is always on social media and she send her nude picture to her ex boy send videos of her self masturbating herself in the birthroom and send to the boy he did the same thing and send to her what is this life turning into

  13. M sorry man I don’t understand married woman s sometimes I mean really is it really worth to ruin your marriage?,shame on both of them.Just leave that whore myb even the baby she is carting is not yours who knows .God will guide u continuously m so sorry about that pray to God to give u strength.?

  14. Bro..! I know how you feel, even to caught ur girl friend cheating, u will never be happy not to talk of ur wife cheating with pregnancy…. Hmm..! My advice for you is that, leave her, if u don’t want to die like chicken. If you say u want to forgive her, but you can never love her again for sure. You can never trust her and the relationship is heading no where. She her self can never trust you again because she knows you will never trust her cause u can hurt her anytime. Anything you want to do for her will just be base, because of the children and God, not Love any longer. But you will never be happy with her, and you need happiness sir. Let her goooooo..! Happiness matters!

  15. If you have properties, she can kill you and claims all ur property. She is desperate for materials things. And if she’s not ready for that, those men she’s moving out with can enjoy her more than you and they can kill you. Let her go!!!

  16. Our youths of nowadays should learn from this. Braking of ur virginity before marriage doesn’t pay at all, it always result in adultery. So, my brother take heart in God and never seize to pray for her for a change.

  17. Tell her you hate to hot her but you most tell her d truth there is some one for her already but as for you by d grace of Almighty there shall be some one els for you too, forgive & forget me .

  18. Hmmmmm… even the useless man can be deceiving by his wealth who knows.
    I pray may God give you the wisdom to settle this matter without hurt.

  19. Thank God for revealing the unfaithfulness of your wife firstly then thank her for trying to hide her extramarital relationship from you. My brother, God will never forsake you regardless of the decision she makes after such a revelation. I think the ball is in her hands.

  20. A Ghanaian ewe proverb says “a rat that eats sand shall sure have some particles of sand left in its eyes” which means, she run into this person according to the chat. So to me it’ll be best she’s sent to the parents now before the worst happens


  22. Bro call this number let me pray for and tell you what too do and also talk too her for I m sure what happened can’t be ordinary bro don’t hesitate too call me 09029934424 / 07055312893

  23. Call me I will also pray for u please I m begging you in the name of God call me it very important I will pray for and talk too something with you and also your wife I promise you God will make a turn around for you 09029934424 / 07055312893

  24. What a shame, ladies come on…….you a humiliating us,it obvious no marriage for us as man will never trust a woman if things are like this with married people

  25. Things are getting worst every day & people are becoming something else day by day. How will a man feel,sleeping with another man’s pregnant wife? Why are things falling apart? Does sleeping with someone else’s pregnancy have no reparcaution again? Is it now a free game? God,we ask for mercy……

  26. Love will always prevail. What she has done is bad and in marriage all I suppose to be transparent. Your wife keeping pass codes on her phone means she doesn’t respect you and doesn’t treasure the marriage as you do. However, to every problem their is a solution, I have been told a Christian sees much on his knees compared when his standing, open and pour your heart to God and ask for his divine direction. At this point you can wonder whether the child she is carrying is yours or not by so doing you not making any mistake, it’s all about the idea of scepticism.
    Don’t make any decision that you will regret. Try to talk to a few family members about it, they will have different opinions and that I believe will help you make a decision. All the best during this hard time, all shall be well.
    The best decision is yet to come.
    Pray to God.

  27. An adultrous wife is evil.after delivery of that child in her womb let her go or be ready to be a father of unknown children in future.

  28. So many comments…….dnt judge 4rom 1 syd…….maybe da woman aint wrong at ol. Z da man treating ha ryt? Dey shld visit a marriage counsellor 2 kwow wea da prob z in dea marriage.

  29. I side with Madulus, had gone through such and it worked for me no we still stay together with peace, they are no type to beat just a matter of time. Don’t give her any considerations even at birth let her be by her self after the Dna consider forgiveness. She’s your wife

  30. I side with Madulus, had gone through such and it worked for me now we still stay together in peace, they are no type to beat just a matter of time. Don’t give her any considerations even at birth let her be by her self after the Dna consider forgiveness. She’s your wife

  31. Most of you are condemning did woman, what she did is wrong and untrustworthy but what if it was a man how would you feel,most of you would say forgive and pray my sister why can’t we say it to the brother and stop judging the lady who knows maybe the brother is not always available for her when she wants it who knows only the two of them knows what is what

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