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“Short Women Are Never Satisfied In Bed” – Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike has shared a post on social media in which he stated that short women are never satisfied in bed and that the shorter they are, the closer they are to the devil.

According to him, history has it that the women with the most atrocities are the shorter ones because their shortness makes it easy for the devil to whisper into her ears.

Pretty Mike shared:

“Short Girls and there wahala-: They are the EvE among our midst,
These are women 5.3ft and below.A short petite woman might still be considered cute and mistaken for a 12yrs old,but a short thick Lady with huge bumbum are the worst.

The shorter they are the closer they are to the devil,that’s is why it’s easier for him to whisper words into their ears…
In history,female with the worst Atrocities are mostly short women… They are the fighters,with the sharpest of tongue ..especially those with a short and small frame,it’s like they swallowed a microphone as they have the loudest of voice and they are very quick to use it .

A short woman is never satisfied in bed ..they have a sex drive with that of a horse,especially those in relationships.. If there is ever a female arm robber will be a short woman,they have the balls for it…
They are mean,evil and they don’t play.
They are extremely strong and have the tendency to beat their husband and if they can’t beat,they use poison as an alternative… A short woman would still marry a short man and end up being the man of the house while producing mustard seed children….

If you cheat on a short thick woman be very sure she is going to revenge by sleeping with all ur family and friends as a short woman never forgives…. Please do not invite me for a wedding if both the bride and the groom fall under the category of short syndrome,that’s is wicked and unfair for the next generation of children who will be called kekere all their lives… .
We where all created in God’s image with the exception of short women….#TagDem”


Written by hammed

Normal everyday dude uniquely different in an everyday manner, a young man that strongly believes in the Nigerian project. I'm a mixture of science, arts and politics.

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  1. you r so stupid its either you were rejected by a short lady thus y u don’t see anything gud in just proud to be short and i owe no one apology

  2. Men are Handsome but you chose to be called “PRETTY” MIKE.
    Men go out with fellow human beings, but you chose a doll.
    It shows how disturbed you are.
    Your disturbance may be due to brain damage, family history, frustration, depression etc.
    Whatever may be the cause of your strange behavior, bro, get your head checked at Yaba Left b4 it gets out of hand.

  3. D story is true cos d hearth beat of short people is faster than normal they think fast without think of reaction shot women calculator is different from men who think front and back b4 taking action

  4. Yeah ,bro l have been trying to figure out how my short wife is so cruel, and what does she get from being so hateful to even my little girl that she met wife me, it is true that short women quick to beat on there husband,about sexual satisfaction,she never get tyre of sex.she also like juju ,oh GOD pls help me to get out.

  5. I don’t believe you.God created every human being as good as any other thing,not abusing what God had created.May Almighty God forgive you amen.

  6. Sorry to say this but that’s exactly what I went through with when I dated a short one. But it can happen to any being regardless of there height.

  7. Pretty Mike wait let confirm your analysis from our other commenters. Okay, if you agreed with what Pretty Mike said say (hi), and if you don’t say (nay)…

  8. Is rubbish. You stinks. You are the devil.can you create a living thing fool.Am short but I made my tall husband whom he is today.Mr pig

  9. From my experience & observations, Mike is 90% correct. They lure u with fake love & chain you with wild sex

  10. Correction; we were created in God’s image,NOT” WE WHERE ” And another thing, u a dense, and the stupidest thing that ever happened/existed in this world! Are u okay upstairs?

  11. Factual statement, brother. But this is not only applicable to short women, even short men have their own short-comings too. They are very mean people and can go extra mile to do anything they want to do. As for slim people, they are principled people, wise and courageous too. BEWARE OF SHORT WOMEN, NOT JUST BECAUSE OF SEX BUT THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND VERY CRAFTY PEOPLE.

  12. Anonymous thanks 4 defending short ladies.i do hv one but she is self-contained 2 me.i think pretty Mike was affected by brain erosion.

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