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Should ASUU Call Off The Strike Or Continue? Vote Here!

Should ASUU Call Off The Strike Or Continue

The ongoing Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) strike enters its 74th day, and yet, their is no end in sight except that the lingering crisis between the lecturers and the federal government becomes more complicated.

In your Honest Opinion, will you advise the lecturers to continue or call off the strike as the crisis appears to be now?

Drop your opinion in the comment section below!

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  1. They should consider the future of the students and call off because theppresent administration has nothingggood to offer Nigerians… ASUU should call off… Thanks

  2. Please,, They should suspend the strike just for the sake of the students…
    I know our naija govt all have one thing in common, PROMISE AND FAIL!… Not until the issue has gotten out of control, the government will not take necessary action with immediate effect. But Please🙏🙏,, I plead for the future sake of the students, they should come to an agreement with the government and call off this strike😭😭😭😭. We know part of the reasons for the strike is also for the benefit of the students to give them quality education in a more conducive environment.

  3. Assu should pleasd go on with the strike dey the government has always gotten out of this easily dat should not happen dis time lets get this done and over with to prevent such occurance in future.

    • Asuuuuu oooooo,we don tire abeg call off the strike before some ladies vex go marry,pity those jobless guys wey dey do ten years challenge up and down,lastly pity our parents their money should not waste,Fg as a whole are bunch of old monkeys,they will never reap good things in their lives as far they are bent on destroying other children ‘s future but securing good ones for their children,God no dey do ojoro for judgement ,he will surely judge you peoples. Animals{FG}

    • U are a monkey,bastard pikin of him mama,go on with strike,i wish it were thunder strike that will strike u idiotic and lunatic wasted human being.

  4. They should call off the strike if dae want us to come out in our numbers to vote because what the government and asuu are doing are destroying the youth this day’s youth are into criminal activities government please call off the strike

  5. Assu should call of this strike because is really not helping at all..
    They should consider the students and not something that will favour them..
    Because this money that will be given to them will all go into their pockets,thats a fact. They should call it off please

  6. Please they should call the strike off… For the sake of the student…. Assuming should please consider the student… I beg with God’s name….

  7. They should please call off, am suppose to graduate last year but didn’t because of the strike, it’s not getting funny anymore. I want to graduate

  8. Asuu should plz have mercy on the students and call off the strike coz the present administration doesn’t have anything good to offer.

  9. Though ASUU is really fighting for us as the future of Nigeria. Their demands is quite understandable but we all know that FG is always not ready to assist us. ASUU should please in the sake of Nigerian Students call off the strike.. In fact am so bored staying at home and according to the saying that “the idle mind is the devil workshop”. ASUU please call off the strike and let your negotiation continues with the FG.. We believe everything can be done with prayers.. .

  10. If the strike is call off without government implementing there agreement with ASUU, this will be like taking the students to future strike, to avoid future strike let the striking members continue the strike till the federal government meet up to there terms. If not so we the students will face more striking challenges in future so ASUU should go on with the strike

  11. ASUU please call off the strike. The FG ain’t forthcoming with your demands and our future is in jeopardy, please I beg you, show mercy on us and call it off or at least, suspend it. Pleaseeeeee… I’m just..tired. Pleaseeee.

  12. It brought to my understanding that the ongoing strike by asuu is for the purpose of increase and development of educational facilities building project an so on
    But FG are not serious at all bcos all of them their children are outside the country studying comfortable without any wrong going
    I can’t understand this fucking government
    There is no country having one of this problems education .health ,food apart from internal issues
    Is better to be dependent than this kind negative independent

  13. ASUU should please show us mercy and CALL OFF the strike, it has last so long… We need to resume school we are lacking behind…. Please Nigerian Student’s are begging on your mercy…..

  14. Pls, Biko, Abeg, Don Allah. ASUU Should pls and pls call off the industrial Action. I did my Voters card in School, we are on strike, I can’t go back to Adamawa from Kaduna all in the name of Voters card because I can’t have transport fair even if I ask but if the strike is suspended I will go all in the name of RESUMING and get my PVC and vote there while its time. Pls FG and ASUU should not Denny Some of us the right to exercise our Franchise. Most of the Students in my school have there voters card done in School, therefore if the strike is not suspended most students vote will not count

  15. pls our wonderful lectures pls I want to plead with you cos we know u are our fathers who really have a value and interest in our destiny. DADDY pls we beg you to pls pardon FG and pls call off the strike so far we can return to school.

  16. Pls in d name of God Auss call off d strike, cos our government is nt ready to do anything n we r d ones suffering it,dey dont feel it cos der children r nt affected plss call off d strike.

  17. asuu should call off the strike because the future of Nigerian students are pending.
    FG should pay the money they are owing auss please in the name of GOD

  18. Assu please call off the strike for the sake of the students that can’t afford a private university or travel abroad to study.

  19. ASUU should call it off please, am tired of staying at home oooo…they should just have mercy..we the students are just at the receiving end

  20. Asuu please call of the strike govt are not ready to consider ur proposal. pls asuu go wit d 15b for d time being n keep fighting for the rest. Nigeria is broke to release such amount of money n if u insist that govt will release d 50b then u are punishing d poor student. i’m already paying for rent heaven knows when i will go back to sch to use. asuu biko call off the strike oo

  21. for christ sake ASUU should consider our education and FG should also help resolve with ASUU else Nigerian students will vote out any government that don’t have regard for education

  22. Asuu should pls call off the strike o
    They should consider our parents,our future, the by force holiday they gave us is enough,we are tired,pls for goodness sake have pity on us

  23. Who dey epp now kwanu(ASUU and FG).
    Keeping us at home and saying is for educational improvement.
    Abeg call off already they are not helping anybody’s educational carrier.. Nigeria should reach a point where strike is not a form of negotiation. FG no kuku epp anybody must their attention be gotten through strike?

  24. ASUU should pls call off the strike already, I just got admission and I really can’t wait to start lectures, they should pity us already and call off.

  25. Please Asuu should call off the strike, we are tired of staying at home jobless,,they should think that not all parents have money to send their children to private university like their children, because their children are not going to public university,,they should pity us and let us graduate on time,,,,this strike is really affecting us

  26. Asuu and federal government are wicked selfish,our head go ask una…….our parents did not borrow money from u people to send us to school…… They suffer to send us to sku and yet asuu and FG say life non go better for them….. Look at student out home many are involving in one or different crime bcos dey are home…….if una like don’t call off d strike but God will purnish u guys…… D education is not free we paid sku fees I see no reason y I shud be out homm

  27. This few period student are at home many things have happened to the youth all bcos they want to make money along side lost their lives…..but if dey are in sku occupied with studies they wudnt av involve

  28. Pls asuu and federal gov all your children are not in Nigeria oo pls why are you using your own to distop own own that don’t have money to school abroad pls why can’t you call off the strike for God sake. All the student are at home now doing nothing and your children are busy with thief studies in abroad pls asuu pls pls and pls call off the strike the because we are ready to study

  29. Plz ASUU in the name of God plz let this ongoing industrail strike be call of soon. We student are nt satisfied as we are staying at home. The future of we the students is in your hand and ASUU. Plz do something to Call the strike off sooner. 95% of the students are not happy of staying at home. Make us happy by calling of the 9weeks strike.

  30. See as I am here right now am tired, no time to waist at any plc, dere are oder tyns to do, way r dey waiting students tym like dis, way is Nigeria so back ward, it’s bcos ur bcos ur children’s school outside? dat u pple dnt knw d pains of students. See u pple should do some tyn, am nt happy at all, even if oder do, am nt, plz call of dis Strike.

  31. Please call it off, nobody is gonna offer us a job bcos we don’t know when the strike will end, student who lost their lives at dis period dat we are home is too much, please call it off

  32. Asuu should pls end the strike. They should stop using us to get government attention by going on strike. This is a problem that they should have taken to court rather than tjis strike

  33. Asus please call of the strike please…. I just got admitted and I do need to start lectures and build my foundation please….. Call it off

  34. Federal gov. Are not even bothered, the stupid asuu are so selfish dey just want the money only for Dem selves and dia stupid kids. Leaders my foot, they are just after d money not the welfare of d students… Awon useless individuals.. ko ni daa fun gbogbo iin. Siooo

  35. Asuu should stop this nonsensical attitude they are displaying and call this strike off. They are just doing this for the detriment of the students, can they swear with their lives if this fight is for the good of the students. They are just doing this for their own selfish interest, just to enrich themselves.

  36. Asuu should stop this nonsensical attitude they are displaying and call this strike off. They are just doing this for the detriment of the students, can they swear with their lives if this fight is for the good of the students. They are just doing this for their own selfish interest, just to enrich themselves.

  37. Pls asuu nd fg should come to an agreement and call off the strike ☹️☹️
    We are tired of staying at home 😭😭
    Our parents don’t have that kind of money to put us in a private University,they should consider and help us🙏🙏

  38. FG and Asuu, so for the fact that we Nigerian student don’t have the money to go study abroad like u sent ur children’s and then u all are busy joking with the poor men children’s future u all because our parents dosent have the money to also fly us out for Christ sake u all are human beings u have feelings but u all are just acting so insentive forgetting that Wat goes around comes around may Wat we are passing through now come to ur children’s in another folds, u all are wicked our past graduates are there waiting for u guys so that they will be able to serve their country and possibly look for job and for we the undergraduates u all are making some of us to engage into illegal stuff all because of ur selfish interest since u all decided to treat us this way may the odds never be in you people’s favour.

  39. Please help us here ,call off the strike, staying at home doing nothing is something not good please we all beg you ASUU please call of the strike,

  40. Let God in Heaven punish Asuu for the stupid things they are doing all in the name of fighting for standard education. ASUU is a big fraud, FG released some money and they called it token, what Nonsense, just end this strike and let’s resume, don’t fight for money to send your children abroad, BROKE ASS HOLES looking for ways to replenish their pockets. Stupid fathers. Call of strike, that’s all we want not stupid meetings all the time🙄

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