SIMI Reveals How She Lost Her VIRGINITY… You Won’t Believe The SHOCKING AGE!!!

Songstress, Simi has made another interesting revelation about her love life. The singer revealed how she met her first love at the tender age of 13, further stating that “it did happen”; alluding to losing her virginity to her first love.

The singer told The Sun News, “my first love? I met him when I was 13 and in SS1. I was just about to turn 14 and he just came to my school.”

“How do you really explain that as a child? But it did happen, and he left my school after a while, so we drifted apart. Then we met somewhere again. We drifted apart again and then that was it.”

Simi went on to admit that she is currently in a romantic relationship with someone she hopes to eventually build a family with. She believes that should naturally be the outcome when one is emotionally invested in a love affair.

“Well, I hope he is the one because I don’t think relationships should just be for leisure. I can’t really speak for anybody but for me. If I am giving you an access to that part of my life then it has to be worth my while and worth his while as well. But I can’t force it though, if he is the one, fine and if not, fine“, she said.

9 thoughts on “SIMI Reveals How She Lost Her VIRGINITY… You Won’t Believe The SHOCKING AGE!!!”

  1. Joy James says:

    a very touching story I pray that the Lord will see you through and I also pray that you will end up with the guy you are not with Simi.

  2. Rosemary A says:

    your song inspire me wish u success maranatha

  3. Bassello says:

    I can see that the reason why your song always touch me when I listen to it because you have studied his love from early age, and you are my best actress ever, I pray make it work out for you.

  4. Kira says:

    I pray it works out well..

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Richard Obeng Manu says:

    Eeii she needn’t go yet oo

  7. Rodgers zulu says:

    kkkkk that is good

  8. Madox says:

    I know and Pray that your Relationship will work out for good

  9. trigga says:

    Hmmmm can’t say but 13 is quite a young age to even fall in love

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