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SMASH OR PASS? Actor Charles Okocha Shows Off His Giant Eggplant In Public [PHOTOS]

Famous Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha also known as Mr Accolades was pictured at a movie scene in his underpants which flaunted his eggplant.


Is he a smash or pass for you?

See more photos below;


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  1. Y is the dis stupid to dis extent.. Dis guy de do drugs if he takes he starts to upload his stupid behavior

  2. Some persons here with low IQ and Reasoning has poured bunch of insult on him. While there low mentality has failed to let them know that the guy is on statge. Does it mean that you guys don’t see the camera man “D.O.P” beside him ?
    When I say dude’s should add enough milk on there garrison when Drinking garrison, they see it as insult.

  3. Well the thing is that he is on stage trying to make his cash at the same time passing an information to you and i,infact is a movie

  4. Anything you do that pays you good do it with all passion then when you start eating your money its another talk. 😝😝

  5. Anonymous.. U re the biggest idiots here.. U don’t know where to stand bcos u re poor and wretched fellow

  6. Look at the back of that third picture of the car, u will see some people on the body of the car, like camaraman, the person that the od microphone and other artist

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