tech: Airtel Introduces 4.5GB Data Plan For N2000

When it comes to launching of new data plans over the last few months, Airtel seem to be on top of the game. I mean, over the last few months, we have witnessed introduction of cheap data plans to aid internet surfing in the country.


So far, Airtel still holds the cheapest weekend plan as it still offers N1GB plan for N100. Although MTN introduced something similar, it didn’t last a week before they took it down.

Yet again, Airtel has re-adjusted it’s data plans by offering 4.5GB data allocation for a price of N2000. Compared to MTN and etisalat, that’s the cheapest you can get.

How Do I Subscribe For This?

Simply have a minimum of N2000 in your airtel SIM’s credit balance and dial *437*1#.

Although the plan seem to be open to a wide range of users, I hear some sims are not eligible to subscribe to this plan. Hence, you may want to dial the code without the required airtime to confirm if you are eligible to subscribe to the data plan or not.

credit: Techsng

42 thoughts on “tech: Airtel Introduces 4.5GB Data Plan For N2000”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Thanks airtel and thanks to Gq for the notification

    1. monica says:

      Yeah am for that inform

    2. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

      Dis is still very expensive, why una no compare dem with glo na @ admin

      1. Vanessa says:

        Airtel is giving you 4.5gig for 2000 and you say its still expensive do you know glo is now 2gig for a thousand naira and 3gig for 1400 for blackberry plans don’t even know about the android plans which is very expensive for me atm airtel is the cheapest

        1. Imonitie says:

          Airtel is the best buh netwk isnt stable o

          1. Hon.great says:

            Airtel has improved…. atleast they have improved their netwrk here

      2. Hon.great says:

        Glo is 2500 for 4.5gig so this airtel plan is the cheapest

    3. moyo says:

      They tried now, just hope they update us about other networks too

      1. monica says:

        No they have always been trying…..I like airtel

    4. Imonitie says:

      It cheap anyway unlike stingy Mtn that can never give some one sufficient bundle to surf the net

      1. Hon.great says:

        As in mtn too stingy

    5. Gentle says:

      Wow, dis is gud news!

    6. Hon.great says:

      Yeah it’s really a nice info to knw

    7. Hon.great says:

      Gq234 remains one of the best site

  2. monica says:

    Wonderful….I will make plans for it now

    1. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

      Ehn ehn, u beta look for cheaper plan abi u wan dey do cyber cafe ni?

      1. Hon.great says:

        4.5gig na small thing for me to finish

    2. moyo says:

      Lol, wetin u wan take 4.5G na im I no knw ooo, oga

      1. Imonitie says:

        Are u to tell him what he wants?

      2. Hon.great says:

        I finish my 3gig in 2weeks highest 3weeks if my netwrk is slow so 4.5gig na small thing

    3. Imonitie says:

      It gonna really serve you..that only if u have a good network in ur locality

    4. Gentle says:

      Me too,n now

  3. ELOBIG says:

    Did u say 100 for 1gig pls what’s d code for that

    1. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

      Its just for 3 daus nw, just weekend lasan, hw u wan take enjoy that one, ehn? But e gud 4 downloading sha

      1. Hon.great says:

        Leave d guy na he knw as he go take run am

    2. Imonitie says:

      #2000 for 4.5gig

    3. Gentle says:

      Dy hv stpd dat 1 since na

      1. Hon.great says:

        Lol bad market for our bros

  4. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

    Nice one airtel but I bliv u can still do beta cos glo is taking over gradually ooo, don’t sat I didn’t tell yall

    1. moyo says:

      I think soo too. Glo has a lot of flexible plans and enuf bonuses….. I feel they ar beta

      1. Hon.great says:

        I have not really used airtel but glo don frustrate me I swear

    2. Hon.great says:

      Wait ooo which glo? The glo am using? glo is 1400 now for 3gig and 2500 for 4.5gig and glo netwrk is not strong the only reason am still using glo is because their BlackBerry plan works for my q10

  5. moyo says:

    Nice one airtel, keep it up and try to catch up wt Glo

    1. Imonitie says:

      Not in this era..glo is not their mate bro

  6. Imonitie says:

    Our network here is not encouraging o

    1. monica says:

      Airtel can’t compete with glo before

      1. Hon.great says:

        Have u use both netwrks to knw which is better?

  7. luvstone says:

    Well, different views n perspectives but in Jos, Plateau state n Ondo state,Airtel rocks. I’m currently enjoying their 3.060GB data unlimited BB plan @ #1,500 on my Android n reading through this is awesome for me. Just an additional #500+1.5GB I would enjoy. I love Airtel NG compared to glo, etisalat n horrible mtn. Keep it up Airtel but you can still impress us by doing more. #one_love

  8. luvstone says:

    Just tried the code now n I think with the response, I’m definitely eligible for the offer. Keep rocking Airtel, you are taking over soon.

  9. Gentle says:

    Thanks *4d info

  10. Hon.great says:

    I dnt know if this plan will work for BlackBerry 10 phones nice one from airtel

    1. Vanessa says:

      Its going to work but your sim has to be eligible first

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