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Two Airplanes Collide At Lagos Airport

There was turmoil at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, on Wednesday after two planes crashed at the international wing of the air terminal.

This is a file photo!

An Airbus A330-243 claimed by Middle East Airlines with enlistment number OD-MEA, ran into a Boeing 777 plane with enrollment number TC-LJC worked by Turkish Airlines.

Sources at the air terminal said the Turkish payload flight was stopped at the international air terminal cover when the Middle East airbus ran into it.

“The Turkish payload flight was stopped at the landing area when the MEA airbus ran into it l, ripping off piece of the empennage of the airplane.

“The MEA flight was navigating when it occurred,” the source said.

The MEA airbus, which had been boarding travelers since 12:00pm, needed to land each traveler ready.

Another source at the area of the episode said the Middle East Airline and others had been doing business activities under the camouflage of clearing flights.

“These individuals have been running business trips under the mask of departure. They result in these present circumstances nation in any event three times each week.

“The MEA and even Turkish Airlines and others have been doing business tasks,” the source included.

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