UEFA President Ceferin Reveals Liverpool Will Not Be Premier League Champions If Season Is Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

UEFA boss Aleksander Ceferin has stated that Liverpool football club will not be crowned champions of England despite waiting 30 years to win the EPL title, if the season is declared null and void due to coronavirus.

The Coronavirus outbreak prompted suspension of all football leagues in the UK until April 4 and that has cast doubt on whether any of the campaigns can be completed as the pandemic could grow worse.

Reports had suggested the league would be gifted to Liverpool after just 29 games as they are 25 points clear at the top. But ahead of an emergency meeting by the FA on Thursday, UEFA president Ceferin dismissed the possibility of Liverpool being handed the premier league trophy as he outlined Uefa’s plans to finish the season.

Ceferin said: ‘I’ve seen and heard some again fake news that UEFA will advise leagues to finish the championships now and decide that the winners are the ones who are number one now.

‘I can say that it’s not true. Our goal is to finish the leagues and we didn’t recommend anything like that to any association or league.’

In Spain, Barcelona are leading the LaLiga title race but Spanish federation president Luis Rubiales said Barcelona will not receive the title if the season can not be completed by June 30.

He said: “The 19-20 season has to end with the same rules and not change, although the situation is exceptional.

‘I cannot guarantee that the competition will end, as others have risked saying, before June 30.

‘It is unfair that the competition ends with the classification as it is now.’

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