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UPDATE!! Senator Stripped Nayked for Trying to Sleep With Politician’s Wife Reveals The Truth About The Incidence

The Deputy Speaker of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Godiya Akwashiki, who was beaten and stripped naked by suspected hoodlums, has claimed he was set up.

In a viral video, Akwashiki, who emerged senator-elect for the Nasarawa North Senatorial District, was seen tied with a rope by the gang.

OH MY GOD!! Newly Elected Nasarawa SENATOR, Akwashiki, Gets Beaten And Stripped NAYKED For Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife [PHOTO]

There was blood in his mouth as he protested weakly while his assailants pummelled him.
It was learnt that the lawmaker was beaten at a private residence in the Maitama area of Abuja.

He was alleged to have attempted sleeping with the wife of a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Alhaji Danladi Envuluanza.
According to Punch ,the lawmaker, who currently represents Eggon West in the state House of Assembly, however, denied trying to sleep with any politician’s wife, adding that he was stripped at gunpoint.

He also claimed that he was tricked to the venue of the incident, where he was beaten by the hoodlums.
The Commissioner of Police, Federal Capital Territory, Bala Ciroma, said the matter was under investigation.

See video below;


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  1. After the investigation is done, and the senator to be,is found innocent,those guys should be ready for judgement for this defamatory post.

    Barr. Danladi Halilu Envulanza, DHE could not believe what his younger brother, RT Hon. Godiya Akwashiki, GA the Senator elect at the just concluded presidential and national election of 23rd February, 2019 representing Nasarawa North Senatorial District has become.
    It is no longer news that the acclaimed Barr. Danladi went viral to social media with the heinous crime perpetrated on his brother, Hon. Godiya to a whopper that he tried to kip with his wife, while the truth is that DHE as he is fondly called, hired cutthroats to his brother in his hotel in Abuja while the brother was there on the INEC invitations and whisked him to his (Danladi) house in a car that was set to monitored the Senator elect from Lafia to Abuja just to humiliates, murder and or to smear the brother’s political relevance as the Senator elect gained more political acceptability to him across board hence his glumness.
    Ignorantly DHE created an indelible mark on his personality which according to our findings, have been doing that to every of his brothers whom he thinks is gaining more recognition politically for many years. So, it is not surprising that his lot falls on the vibrant Senator elect that will represent his zone, Nasarawa north.
    Let the sleeping dog lie and most importantly that Godiya’s respect for Envulanza as an elder brother, this act its an attempted murder, character assassination, slanderous, denigrating punishable under the law of Nigeria.
    We will resist any attempt by DHE to smear and murder someone because of political relevancy. And therefore want to register our profound gratitude to the general public who condemned the dastardly act by DHE on the newly elected lawmaker of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Godiya Akwashiki, may God reward you immensely.
    To the master minder DHE, your plan has failed and you will not succeed in destroying people’s reputation because Godiya is alive to forge ahead with his political activities. And please, remember to clean up your cupboard because it is very dirty.

    Media Team of Senator Elect
    RT Hon. Senator Godiya Akwashiki.

  3. I wonder what kind of youth we have in this country exhibiting all kinds of attitudes because of small collars even with a bottle of bear they can kill.The leaders that always tell you that youths are the leaders of tomorrow but non of them wants to come down from any seat they occupied but they will be using your brains,sweat and blood to perpetrate all kinds of evil inorder to achieve their aims.My follow youths use your brains and don’t allowed it be used.The whole thing is clear they didn’t win even with their cunning ways they now decide to use any means as usual.

    Recently the new media become agog with a very unfortunate and baseless news that was spread across board with a video of a Gentleman Hon. Godiya Akwashiki the senator Elect representing Nasarawa North.
    It is indeed a sad event and an abomination to our land, and direct truncate of human sanctity.
    It was reported that Hon. Godiya Akwashiki was caught with Envuluanza’s wife and that was the reason he got this jungle justice but there much more under tongue words than this script Envuluanza played with his boys in order to tarnish the image of this rising Gentleman.
    There are some One million dollar questions we need to ask like;
    1- Where is the woman in question?
    2- How on Earth will a fornicator follow your wife to your House after knowing you already have a Rift that is even he has the intention
    3- They said it in a hotel but for those of us that knows Envuluanza’s house in Abuja, you will understand that the video was that his same house in Aso Drive Abuja and even some evidences in the video to proof, which I remain not disclose online .
    4- How will you start beating a fornicator immediately he enters your house without you allowing him to proceed his to his acts
    5- How many of us could figure Envuluanza’s voice on the background speaking in Hausa saying ” they will not give you water, I thought you win senatorial seat right? You will be in for it”
    This questions and so many questions will make you clearly understand the rational behind this unGodly act of Envuluanza, Less I forget to mention that Akwashiki have been having issue with his kinsman Envuluanza since before now and HALILU ENVULUANZA categorically told his people immediately after the demise of Late. Emir of Lafia that, he will not leave any stone unturned to see he disgrace Hon.Godiya Akwashiki and behold he ended up disgracing himself and added up ganaering much support base for Akwashiki but my question is, as inhumane as the man (ENVULUANZA) that can not forgive and can act a script that is totally against the human rights will have the guts to contest for Governor in the state.
    Conclusively, after condemeding this act in strong terms I will like to draw the attention of Security agencies to as a matter of urgency call Envuluanza to order and give him a well deserving punishment in order not to allow some people take laws into their hands like some Youths in Lafia have already declared Lafia as “PERSONA NON GRATA” to Mr. Envuluanza while Government and the APC family should work and make frantic efforts to punish Any one punishable among them as no one is above the law

    • Dis man is innocent.God he serve must surely fight his battle..dose dat plan dis to dis man coz he won d election..As long as I serve a living God.2019 d grave yard is open..somebdy hubby n fathers?his enemies must die for him to leave.dats All.

  5. ALLah yasaka Masa inde don akan na mace ne akayi ma senator kwamishi wannan wulakancin gaskiya yaka mata gomnatin nassarawa tayi saurin daukan mataki akan wannan abun ita matan kam karaman yarinyane da zai sata Dole Sai yayi anfani da ita I Sai da yar danta wannan ba laifinshi bane laifin matan ne da tabishi signed by usman Mohammed musa his Excellency governor bindow family member Adamawa state

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