video: Kick-Boxer Knocked-Out Opponent Double His Size… Says “He Looks Like A Big Baby”

A kickboxer has stunned boxing audience after taking on an opponent twice his size and actually knocking him out.

A towering 6ft 5ins specimen tipping the scales at more than 300lb, Bob Sapp should have been a formidable force in the sport of kickboxing and MMA – yet he was anything but.

Embarrassing footage shows the moment he was humbled by an opponent almost half his size during a K1 kickboxing tournament in Hungary.

Tivadar Kunkli, a Hungarian Muay Thai fighter, gladly accepted what looked like an impossible match-up against Sapp, sacrificing 20cm in height and more than 100kg for the privilege.

But after stepping into the ring, Sapp – nicknamed The Beast – looked nothing like the fighter his fearsome physique might infer.

Kunkli rattled him with painful knees to the body, grabbing him in a clinch while smashing his ribs with sharp elbow and knees.

Sapp visibly wilted with every strike before being body slammed to the canvas with a crafty trip.

It looked, for a brief moment, as if the fall had reinvigorated Sapp as the former NFL player hauled himself upright before charging at his mini rival, clotheslining him over the top rope.

The referee momentarily halted the contest, allowing Kunkli to reenter the battle – greeting Sapp with a skull-cracking elbow that floored him once again.

And this time, he stayed down.

The fight reportedly occurred in 2011, although the footage resurfaced on Reddit earlier this week.

“I don’t hate him. I just feel a great wave of sadness and disappointment every time I see him fight,” wrote one viewer.

Another said: “He couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a beach ball the way he’s throwing those punches.

“He looks like a big baby.”


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