Viral Video: Man Mistaken For 3rd Mainland Bridge Suicide Jumper, Orji Allwell Break Silence

The Lagos-based doctor who jumped off the famous Third Mainland Bridge in an apparent suicide has been Identified. LASEMA Identified him as Orji Allwell.

Allwell Orji is a middle-aged medical doctor and it was said that he stopped his driver on the bridge, saying he needed to check something on the body of the Nissan Xterra they were driving. But he quickly rushed to the side of the bridge and jumped off it into the lagoon.

This was witnessed by many passersby who took to Twitter to share their story and also a photo of the doctor’s SUV. It is unclear why Allwell chose to take his own life.

Now, there are photos of an Orji Allwell spreading fast on the Internet with many blogs claiming he was the one who jumped off the bridge.

The man also known as Orji Allwell who is also a “nurse” has come out to debunk the reports. Apparently, he was mistaken for the supposed man who jumped off the bridge.

In a video posted on Facebook Live Orji Allwell said:

Okay, Good afternoon my beloved friend and well wishers. My name is Orji Allwell and I am a nurse. I am making this online live video in regards to the news that has been trending online about me being a medical doctor who jumped into the lagoon…

who jumped into the lagoon is still in place.

The rate of suicide in the country has been on a steady increase. In early March, an Ado-Ekiti man, Ariyo Olanrewaju Taiwo took his own life just hours after hinting on it on his Facebook. And also, only last month, a disturbing video of an Edo man quarreling with neighbours who saved him from his burning house surfaced on social media.

In both cases, the reasons for the suicides came only after the victims turned up dead, and this has started a conversation on the importance of having a national suicide prevention hotline, to help intervene and possibly curb the rate of such deaths.



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