Watch Reaction Of A Father After His Son Failed English And Maths Despite Spending $21,000 [N8,000,000] On Lessons

Social media users are reacting to a viral video of a man giving his son multiple slaps after the boy, failed to sit for his Maths and English exams, failed other courses but got a distinction in Music despite the father paying $21,000 as tuition fees in the American International School of Lusaka, Zambia.

In the video which was probably recorded in 2018 and recently surfaced, the angry father is seen beating the boy while scolding him.

”I told you this is a scar on your entire life, do you know the reputation this gives you? You can’t read? You are a big boy you can’t read?’ The father said.

A woman was recording the episode while begging the father to stop beating the boy, but the man faced her and said ”How can you say I should stop beating him, you know what this means..”

After answering the said woman, he then slapped the boy again and said ”You can’t read, don’t talk to me again’ That’s the result you bring to this house? Look at the result you brought? You idiot!


According to new reports, Police in Zambia summoned the father identified as George Bester, for ”questioning” on April 20 2020, after the video went viral online.

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