Why I May Reunite With My Brother – Mr P Reveals, Addresses Song Theft Allegation

Peter Okoye, better known as Mr. P, who said many people doubted he would be successful when he exited P-square, has spoken out on how he may reunite with his brother.

While speaking in an interview with Hot 93.3Fm, Ghana, one half of the disbanded P-square music group, Peter Okoye, popularly known as Mr.P, opened up on the condition under which he might reunite with his brother, Paul Okoye, on stage.

In a reaction on the the possibility of a P-Square reunion, Mr. P, said, “Even if that (a reunion) will happen, let it happen with respect, it is not just about the music, there was family before the music and I stand for the Okoyes.

“I shouldn’t be P-Square and be unhappy, if it must happen, it must be with respect”, he said.

Peter who also spoke on the comments that followed his separation with his brother, said; “When P-Square broke up, People were like, are you sure you can do this all alone, can he make it?

“No, I am not making it, I have done it, I have been killing it, all sold out, just this year alone, I have done like 60 ‘something’ concerts, all sold out, I am blessed.

“Most people actually doubted me, but I know myself, I know what I bring to the table, I am just happy doing what I am doing, there are some things I wasn’t entitled to do as a member of the group, but now I am a boss of myself’.”

Mr. P who also touched on his music and life as a solo artist said, ”You have heard, Look In My Eyes, you have heard, My Way and Cool It Down. All these are my mini music video singles, Ebeano is my first official single as Mr P’.”

Reacting to allegations of illegal music sampling levelled against him by an upcoming singer, Henry Knight, he said: ”When this kind of thing happens, some people just jump into conclusion.

“I think people need to be educated on this issue… there is a different thing, if it is the beat, or if it is a statement in the song, there is only so much you can use of it.”

Since going solo, critics have described him as an upcoming artiste and Mr P said he cannot be bothered. Instead, he encouraged people to leave their ‘comfort zones’ when striving for success.

”I made up my mind I wanted to start afresh, I left a P-Square who had over a million YouTube subscribers to start my own…I am not afraid to start afresh… I have moved on, I love it.”

On if he has plans to work with younger talents, ”I am an open person, as long as the song is good, why not? I am actually considering doing that”.

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  2. i love what peter is doing,he is the real man of the family,is a stupid man that will put everyother things first b4family,cos money can not buy u true family,sometimes family had to split,tins hat to fall apart 4tins to fall in place,i wish them good falling apart,all for good,that one go make atlist respect day small if @all e no dey b4

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