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Why I Want Another 4 Years – President Buhari Releases Important Statement Few Days To Election

Why I Want Another 4 Years – President Buhari Releases Important Statement Few Days To Election

President Muhammadu Buhari has sent a message to Nigeria warning of the danger of allowing corruption to return to the country.

In a statement on Sunday, February 10, the president said he has worked to rid the country of corruption which will allow a system of growth to take place.

Buhari noted that the fight against corruption has been difficult as it has fought back but expressed confidence that good work has been done.

He noted that the infrastructural growth recorded will benefit Nigerians and called on the electorates to give him another four years.

The statement reads: On February 16th, Nigeria will hold a general election. Four years ago, the country experienced its first democratic transfer of power to the opposition since 1999. The vote in a few days will be no less significant.

As president, I have tried to judiciously exercise the trust vested in me to combat the problems of corruption, insecurity and an inequitable economy. All are important. But amongst them, one stands above the others as both a cause and aggravator of the rest. It is, of course, corruption. A policy programme that does not have fighting corruption at its core is destined to fail.

The battle against graft must be the base on which we secure the country, build our economy, provide decent infrastructure and educate the next generation. This is the challenge of our generation: the variable on which our success as a nation shall be determined. But the vested interests at play can make this fight difficult. By way of their looting, the corrupt have powerful resources at their disposal. And they will use them. For when you fight corruption, you can be sure it will fight back. It even threatens to undermine February’s poll and – by extension – our democracy.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has raised concerns over laundered money being funnelled into vote buying. This is the problem of corruption writ large. It illustrates how it lurks in all and every crevice of public life, manipulating due process in pursuit of self-preservation and perpetuation; protecting personal political and economic interests at the expense of the common good. Indeed, those who have criticised my administration’s anti-corruption drive are those who oppose its mission. And though their lawyers may craft expensive alibis, they cannot escape that which binds them together: a raft of documents and barely legal (some clearly illegal) mechanisms – whether that be the Panama Papers, US Congress reports, shell companies or offshore bank accounts.

Corruption corrodes the trust on which the idea of community is founded, because one rule for the few and another for everyone else is unacceptable to anyone working honestly. But as we have intensified our war on corruption, so we have found that corruption innovates to resist the law. This is not the sole domain of those Nigerians, but the international corruption industry: the unsavoury fellow-traveler of globalisation.

Once the enablers are let in – as they have been in the past – the greed of those they collude with grows. We have closed the door on them, but unfortunately there still remain individuals who are willing to open windows. Concrete progress has been made, but there is still much to do. We have repatriated hundreds of millions of dollars stowed away in foreign banks.

These funds have been transparently deployed on infrastructural projects and used to directly empower the poorest in society. More is still to come from our international partners in France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Yet the hundreds of billions sifted out of the country for the best part of this century promise more. We have secured high profile convictions, but greater cases remain.

Lawyers table endless objections to obstruct court proceedings, whilst their clients hope it lasts until a ‘friendly’ president is voted into office. We must continue to tighten the legal framework and ensure the authorities have the investigative powers at their disposal to secure sentences. Only then will we begin to neutralise the advantages the corrupt have. More ghost workers must be removed from government payroll (almost $550 million has been saved from identifying phantom employees). More can be recovered through our whistle-blower policy ($370 million has been returned since its launch in 2016). More is still to come. But, together, we shall prevail over corruption. A Yoruba proverb states that only the patient one can milk a lion. Likewise, victory over corruption is difficult, but not impossible. We must not flounder in our resolve. I know many Nigerians would like to see faster action. So do I. But so too must we follow due process and exercise restraint, ensuring allegation never takes the place of evidence. For that is not the Nigeria we should wish to build. There is no doubt that this Administration has changed the way we tackle corruption. The choice before voters is this: Do we continue forward on this testing path against corruption? Or do revert to the past, resigned to the falsehood that it is just the-way-things-are-done? Or that it is just too difficult – too pervasive – to fix? I know which one I would choose. It is why I am asking Nigerians for another four years to serve them.

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  1. What is this man saying? Are you not the originator of corruption yourself? Our young ones has dropped out of school because fees has not been paid we used to sleep in our farms before but now we can’t even go to farm because of the high rates of insecurity in the country . Mr you said we are lazy am too lazy to vote for you hope

  2. Buhari go and fuck yourself we ain’t piece of shit.Mr man you are done.Buhari u are the highest shameless idiot I have ever seen in my entire life.Nigerians to tolerate u four years again hmm it’s suicidal

  3. PDP destroyed this country for 16 years now you expect buari to fix it within 4yrs.. Y’all are fools it’s gonna take 32yrs to fix this mess think about it

    • Nice comments , this country corruption can’t be fix even in 20 years despite of 4 or 8 years , USA use over 69 years to build their country , corruption is inside everyone in Nigeria because all of us want to be rich but some people are still better, even our leaders don’t know us all, some are poor like why, let just try our best and pray for our country and our lifes to better then we can leave the rest to God not buhari or any leaders to come,,, take it or not , we all need prayer even buhari lols …….

  4. I don’t know why we Nigerians believe in miracles, we just want our own generation to favour us wat about the coming generation,,I tell u if u don’t endure the sufferness of this time,own next generation will suffer for sure,,,open your eyes,think straight,and be open minded to see who is a liar and who honnestly want to give back your true nation

  5. Pls let vote buhari again to conteneu his work,don’t let us fight for our pocket now but let’s fight for tomorrow for better feature

  6. I must say an egalitarian society is what Nigeria needs and that can only be achieved if corruption is combated.
    Mr president,I support you and strongly wish you victory once again so as to complete the fight against corruption for a better Nigeria.
    However,I call on you to shun nepotism and consider other tribes in your second tenure in terms of appointments.
    Sai Baba!
    Next Level!

  7. It’s true you have done well as regard corruption war and it is of note but pls consider other tribe in your appointment as you win this election and kick start your second tenure. Remember,you have not touch many of the promises you made before u came on board in 2015. EG, Ogoni clean. Be a promise keeper. Longlife B.. Yorgbara

  8. morning house I don’t no how some people are thinking anti lock wise all this problem we have in this country come from PDP when Jonathan was there we are selling crude oil 140per barel when buari came in the crude oil drop to 40per barel and all the money we have in Nigeria puket as been spending by Mr Jonathan u people are now complain buari buari look at it this way did u ever see any one of pdp say buari still money no is because day don’t benefit in this government that why u see them cruse to pdp again and to obasnjo he we exposed to every nigeria son I don’t any one off them apc and pdp bout I prefer buari than atiku because atiku we sell my children future that all

  9. We’re going to vote him out,we are tired of him,he is fighting corruption.but killing, hungry is the order of the day,go home and rest

  10. What is Mr president fighting for? Corruption. How far as he eradicate corruption….. What are the achievements of the promises he made so far in 2015…. What are the variable possibilities that he is going to fix everything for another 4 years… All this he was s doing was rubbish.. They claim change in 2015 now we want change of party and situation..

  11. I have never been confused in any Nigerian elections but this time I am.a part of me wants pmb to continue and the other part of me clamor for a change but not Atiku,but as much as both rings in my mind God knows the best and he will take us through the next 4years who ever it is.i had a dream of two females both in white and green trying to lead a group but funny as it sounds they were both blind leading to no direction.God help us.Atiku or Buhari not leads to the promise land,

  12. I wish we should allow buhari to finish us I believe we can still survive an adage word says that the devil u know is better than The angel u don’t know .. How possible do u think that atiku will do better than buhari. Buhari presidency has thought nigga how to manage economy also how to utilize the little money they have , how to think of tomorrow.

  13. So you know what you did to retain your seat, well-done, clap for yourself.. 4 years is not 4 months,you ought to have given your people the confidence to retain you and not you using using power of incumbent to retain your seat. What you APC did to us is like a rape to us. You know we don’t want you, but you went ahead and forced yourself on us. Now tell me, how is that a democracy??

  14. The final result is already be cleared and buari is top fine but to terminate corruption is not by Mr.buari to go another country and use like 8months for treatment God will help you

  15. Carry go baba i love ya….i always pray for you everyday to win this election ..and God answer my prayer..atiku,saraki and all PDP members they have nothing to assist nigeria than curruption we no know you all…enough is enough!!!

  16. go ahead with patients,as Hausa proverb say “a patient will cook the stone,then eat it’s pepper soup “.l urge Nigerian to continue their good behavior. We shall achieves our aims/goals

  17. Leave this man and let him do the right thing. Most Nigerians especially the youth will never want to endure suffering just to make things right rather they look for shortcut and if that isn’t available they blame the government for their failure which is very wrong. Come to think of it since when he emerged as our President, though the fuel is still at fixed price for 145 but since then wen have we ever had issue of fuel scarcity. So think wise

  18. Leave this man and let him do the right thing. Most Nigerians especially the youth will never want to endure suffering just to make things right rather they look for shortcut and if that isn’t available they blame the government for their failure which is very wrong. Come to think of it since when he emerged as our President, though the fuel is still at fixed price for 145 but since then wen have we ever had issue of fuel scarcity. So think wise

  19. To me God knows better forget buhari is Good atiku also good but boko haram should stop n corruption as well.

  20. Buhari is the best president, he came to put an end to the embezzlement of Government fund by the politicians. He is helping youth by introducing N-POWER program.

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