Why You Need To Sound Different To Be Recongnise By The World

It is well known how most artist are wanting to sound alike with the old once forgetting that the beauty of music is the different sounds coming together to form a melody.

Artist tend to forget that when coming out fresh we want something new not the old sounds we are used to, take example of Joel sounding like tuface, isolate sounding like 9ice, durella sounds like dbanji and Rema sounds like wizkid.

Many artists keeps forgetting that you cannot really grow when you keep being someone else shadow, the best you would be is a photocopy to the original version and can sometime anger the fans into believing you don’t have your own sound except to mimic.

Like an original produce of something and like a china imitation. Like an imitation, the artists can struggle to be famous and sometimes with some hits but they soon get fans tired and everyone prefers an original to a photocopy thus making the artists to die out leaving the main version still trending.

They truth is you can’t really grow when nobody really knows yours real voice, your kind of unique sound, dressing, stage performance, styles and more.

Being a new and improved sound and melody makes you special making you have an edge ahead of others.




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