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WICKED WORLD! Days After Buying A New Car, Abeokuta Big Boy Caught With Used Sanitary Pads

Days After Buying A New Car, Abeokuta Big Boy Caught With Used Sanitary Pads

A suspected Yahoo boy caught with charms and used sanitary pads.

The Abeokuta big boy was caught, days after buying a new car and throwing a lavish brithday for his girlfriend.

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  1. So u guys feel all dis Instagram big boys are getting genuine cash b4… Na yahoo +++ na luck just ran out of dis 1,dere are loads of dem still out dere. God save naija….

  2. End time messages.Imagine the resent believe of the youths of today,saying that going to school is a scam.what else do we expect from a person that can not defend his or her terms other than going into ritualism.God save our generation.

    • Most of these things are caused by our so called leaders. How can a person graduate from primary, secondary and the university level to the extend of going to serve his/her nation and after coming out with those certificate of yours, you will be unable to get a job, I’m not trying to support them but in other words what I’m saying is that our leaders should do something about unemployment in our country. Population of unemployed youths is higher than the employed youths.

  3. Yeah it’s was so obvious for those who are doing it. Actually i can’t them as a devil. Because there is nothing you can do on earth, that’s you will not take it back weather you did good there is reward for it and if you are doing back continue doing it

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