#YAWASTANDS: Mind-blowing Secx With My Cousin Has Made Me So Happy… I’m Losing My Senses!

A man is in need of advice as he has totally fallen in love with his cousin after she gave him a mind-blowing s*x.

A man has cried out for help as incredibl s*x with his cousin is about making him go crazy. The man cannot take his eyes off her and is afraid his family might ruin the relationship.


How can we tell our family?

I am a 28-year-old man and my cousin is 24. We used to see one another as kids at our other cousin’s house and I remember some happy summer holidays at the beach too.
We lost touch when my mum and dad divorced. Our dads are brothers and I moved to the other end of the country with my mum.
I remember my cousin back then as a quiet, funny little thing — very different from the stunning brunette she is today. We met at her brother’s wedding a few months ago and I can honestly say I fell in love with her there and then.
Turns out she felt exactly the same way.
She is single and has been for six months since her boyfriend cheated on her with her friend. My last relationship ended a year ago, so there is no one else involved to get hurt.
We danced all night at the wedding and went outside for a walk and sneaked a kiss. She gave me her phone number and we started texting regularly. Then we arranged to meet for a meal for her birthday and had a brilliant evening.
We laughed all night — we both have the same sense of humour. After that, we went back to my flat, chatted and cracked open another bottle of wine. Things started to heat up, so much so that we ended up making love on the settee.
We went to bed, fell asleep then made love again in the morning. We have never felt so happy with anyone else and being together feels so right — but we are doing it all in secret.
I hate sneaking around but we are scared that our families will make it very difficult or try to split us up.

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